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R Courier is a customer oriented organization totally focused on providing high quality services to ensure complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients and customers. We are currently providing services to a large number of Major Laboratories, Physicians, Diagnostic Imaging and healthcare agencies across Canada.


Exceptional Customer Service – We aim for perfection in satisfying our customers by providing the highest quality of service; we strive for excellence.

Reliability – The purpose of our existence is to provide our customers with a quality, reliable, and cost efficient delivery service to enhance the productivity of your business.

Approach – Our approach is to first gain a better understanding of your specific needs including your deadlines, pre-scheduling requirements and any repeat destinations, then customize our services to meet your objectives. Our effective communications system allows us to execute your deliveries in an efficient, affordable and timely manner each and every time.

First in Canada/Premier Au Canada

route-detailsYou can have access to your ETA board. You can track any of your pick ups and check the history of your pick up and deliveries times. Any delays or change of arrival times will be on your screen with complete access on any computers with secured password.

Avec votre tableau ETA, vous pouvez suivre votre commande en temps réel, en voir l’historique ainsi qu’une estimation de l’heure d’arrivée.

Les mises à jour sont disponibles depuis tout appareil disposant d’un accès à internet.


3 Tips For Running Your Medical Practice Smoothly

September 8th, 2017|News|

While one may find the analogic a bit suspect, both medical practices and courier delivery services are very much akin, inasmuch as they are both organic entities that require a large team of experts to function as the appendages which keep them running smoothly and quickly; packages need to be delivered as quickly as patients need to understand their ailments, receive a thorough diagnosis, and eventually track the progress of their health and treatment. With these, albeit metaphorical, similarities in mind, you can be sure that the team behind R Courier delivery services prioritizes the best possible service – as medical couriers, we’ve been inspired by the fast-paced rhythms of our MD clients and, as such, we attempt to emulate that life-or-death urgency in the field of parcel delivery. With our experience in the fast lane, we’ve learned a few things about keeping an office or working environment tension-free and productive, despite high volumes of clientele. While there are many reasons as to why a medical practice may find itself so consistently busy, there are also ways to maintain a sense of calm despite an ever-looming sense of stress that is too prevalent in healthcare settings. Delegate Tasks To The Appropriate

Use A Reliable Courier Service That Understands Border Regulations

August 28th, 2017|News|

With a new presidential administration afoot in the United States, it’s more pressing than ever for courier service companies to take hold of the situation and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations that will impact the timeliness of your international package delivery – or, in some cases, whether it will be delivered at all. At R Courier – where our team of dedicated experts is constantly traveling to and fro borders of all kinds – we not only strive to keep up-to-date with the current political climate in order to ensure that imports and exports are able to smoothly pass between the U.S. and Canadian borders, but we take all the necessary precautions to demonstrate a sense of care, without compromising wait times for patrons with urgent parcels. Indeed, the process of shipping to the U.S. necessitates that each and every parcel must be cleared and verified as suitable for border entry; this means that a customs invoice – with a distinct fee for tax and duties, which varies from parcel to parcel according to its dimensions– is needed for each and every shipment passing into Canadian borders. Each item must be described in detail and accompanied by

Keep Your Medical Resources Up-To-Date

August 24th, 2017|News|

If a medical practice seeks to expand its clientele or the number of patients it is able to treat daily, certain needs must be met when it comes to the supply and demand of its resources. Medical equipment and products are especially complex for medical practitioners when it comes to making orders for delivery – both shipping and receiving can be a daunting process, insofar as certain products will require constant replenishment, while others are time-sensitive, fragile, and necessitate the utmost care when handled. No doubt, shipments of this nature call for the seasoned touch of an expert courier service, specifically, one with years of experience dealing with the nuances of medical implements, as these deliveries are not suitable for standard mail services. When the well-being of others’ lives is at stake, it’s best to call a specialized courier service. Indeed, medical equipment deliveries can be gruelling experiences; if you’re running low on the fundamental materials needed to keep your practice afloat, and you need something on the fly, look no further than a certified company like that of R Courier parcel delivery – since 1991, we have been able to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Offering a variety