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R Courier is a customer oriented organization totally focused on providing high quality services to ensure complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients and customers. We are currently providing services to a large number of Major Laboratories, Physicians, Diagnostic Imaging and healthcare agencies across Canada.


Exceptional Customer Service – We aim for perfection in satisfying our customers by providing the highest quality of service; we strive for excellence.

Reliability – The purpose of our existence is to provide our customers with a quality, reliable, and cost efficient delivery service to enhance the productivity of your business.

Approach – Our approach is to first gain a better understanding of your specific needs including your deadlines, pre-scheduling requirements and any repeat destinations, then customize our services to meet your objectives. Our effective communications system allows us to execute your deliveries in an efficient, affordable and timely manner each and every time.

First in Canada/Premier Au Canada

route-detailsYou can have access to your ETA board. You can track any of your pick ups and check the history of your pick up and deliveries times. Any delays or change of arrival times will be on your screen with complete access on any computers with secured password.

Avec votre tableau ETA, vous pouvez suivre votre commande en temps réel, en voir l’historique ainsi qu’une estimation de l’heure d’arrivée.

Les mises à jour sont disponibles depuis tout appareil disposant d’un accès à internet.


Don’t Let Cold Weather Inhibit Deliveries – Hire A Courier Service!

October 30th, 2017|News|

If you’ve ever driven in cold, wintery weather, you know precisely how difficult it can be to navigate the treacherous terrain of a snowy – or, better yet, slushy – road, jam-packed with traffic and other types of messes. These kinds of elements constitute difficult obstacles for the average driver, and they are especially troublesome for those in a rush. Commutes in late fall or early winter, no doubt, require extra time to be accounted for, if not the occasional rerouting of one’s drive, no matter how large or small the distance you’re travelling. If one is in a hurry to drop-off a parcel or pick-up an important package, the elements are all the more irritating. Luckily, you can avoid incessant comings and goings in weather that is less-than-ideal for stressed-out drivers by simply hiring a courier service, one that takes the creed of the US postal workers to heart: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." When it comes to preparedness for cold weather, you ought to see what R Courier can do for you – we’re more than happy to make a pilgrimage across

Courier Services Will Retrieve What You Left Behind

October 17th, 2017|News|

Whether you’re on the road or in the air, on your way to some long-awaited vacation destination after completing your work for the day, the last thing you need is the dreadful realization that you’ve either misplaced or forgotten a document required to continue your labour remotely. Remembering precisely where you placed it in your dark office is nothing less than insufferable, especially if you are en route to visit your relatives for Thanksgiving and were hoping to finish up most of your work on the long ride over, as keen minds tend to do. Nevertheless, airports and travel in general can be quite stressful, and packing everything you need from your home can too easily take precedence, allowing office-related items to slip from your view. Luckily, the dynamic members of the R Courier team understand that it’s easy to forget things in the heat of the moment when you’re running to catch a flight – that’s why we have got you covered when it comes to your minor lapses in memory. While the majority of courier services use a business model reliant upon the sender/receiver dualism, R Courier understands that you may be playing both of these roles. No

3 Ways To Keep A Competitive Edge As A Courier

October 10th, 2017|News|

With the advent of apps like Foodora and Uber Eats, as well as other fast-paced, on-the-go courier services, job opportunities in this particular industry are at an all-time high in recent years. As a result, millennials have taken it upon themselves to use these technologies to take advantage of the “gig economy,” which is becoming more than a fad for many; it’s a lifestyle that brings with it an array of ups and downs.   Indeed, if one is to maintain a career as a courier of any variety, a competitive edge is absolutely necessary; cultivating such an edge in our contemporary moment takes quite a bit of know-how but, with enough practice and experience, one could easily stand out and approach the possibility of being promoted to a more stable job. The expert delivery services that the R Courier team offers each and every client certainly require more than the ability bring to food door-to-door – indeed, all of our drivers undertake years of training and certification in order to ensure the best possible national and international services. There is, of course, the urgency of the rush delivery of blood samples, and rushing to and fro animal clinics and