It’s no secret that the job of a medical courier is potentially, perhaps always indirectly, a life-saving occupation to take on. In some cases, doctors would be entirely unable to perform to the best of their abilities if it were not for the dedication and speediness of medical courier drivers diligently travelling vast distances – in a nonstop fashion – to meet a life-or-death deadline.

Despite the absolute necessity of couriers and the work they do for hospitals and other practices by and large, this unseen labour is often pushed under the rug, if not forgotten by medical professionals. Indeed, the public does not always recall the centrality of expedition and shipping to the extent that it seems like a secret that there exists a hardworking sector of medical couriers who could already be working to regularly replenish the supplies of your preferred walk-in clinic, for example. With this in mind, the following will outline a couple of these “secrets” about medical couriers and how doctors and hospitals, amongst other institutions, could benefit from their distinct skillsets.


  1. Medical Couriers Are Trained For Just About Any Rush Job

In order to effectively act as a courier, one must be on call constantly, not unlike an MD. In this sense, R Courier is available 365 days year, and deliveries can be ordered at just about all hours of the night and, no matter the type of service you require, our medical couriers are poised to complete the job; indeed, we firmly believe that trained professionals in medicine ought to have access to the materials they need, exactly when they need them.

It is for these reasons that we only entrust our vehicles to expertly-trained and dedicated individuals who are not only determined, but possess the know-how to manage delicate biological samples. Indeed, they have a basic knowledge of human anatomy and the fundamentals of medicine, so as to ensure that everything from lab samples to heavy medical machinery can be handled with the necessary care.

  1. Medical Couriers Are Organizational Experts

Doctors could learn a thing or two from medical couriers, insofar as they must treat each and every package as delicately as a physician must treat a patient. This is especially true when you account for the competitive edge that R Courier has over other shipping services, which could easily change the way your hospital or general medical centre manages deliveries and shipments.

 The heart of R Courier is, indeed, the state-of-the-heart Estimate Time Of Arrival Board; by navigating a simple login to our new tracking system and its easily comprehended interface, you can see a number of details about the status of your package. Not only are our clients able to note the real-time updates of their delivery’s estimated time of arrival, they can also view what the delivery vehicle is equipped to handle. More specifically, one can see whether or not the package’s vehicle consists of carrier equipment like:

  • Bags/Totes
  • Coolers
  • Boxes
  • Envelopes
  • Koolatron Systems

There are many more options available that keep your parcel safe and sound during the delivery process, to be sure. Additionally, our tracking system allows access to exclusive information like the name of the driver, their vehicle number, the routes they have taken or will take in the future. The ETA Board, suffice it to say, is truly an unprecedented system that surpasses the capacities of larger courier companies or services significantly. On the one hand, with tools like this at your disposal 24/7, any changes that one needs to make can be done with just a few clicks. On the other hand, if ever should a planned route change midway through the expedition, you’ll be able to communicate with us and hold R Courier accountable for any unexpected delays, allowing you to recalibrate any plans that this window of time may have been contingent upon – anything from an emergency surgery, all the way to scheduled stockroom reorganizing.

No doubt, any doctor looking to maintain a competitive edge in their field could benefit from R Courier’s services; luckily, you can place your order online with us today – indeed, you’ll be confident in the travels of your packages once you experience the luxury of our ETA Board firsthand.