Yes. R Courier is fully covered with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods or TDG license.
R Courier provides regular parcel delivery as well as specializing in medical courier services. Call us today to find out about our competitive rates.
We accept all forms of payment. You can also pay as at almost all major banks including Scotia Bank, CIBC, RBC and TD. For more information or to make a payment visit
Yes, R Courier is is licensed to transport dangerous good. We are are fully licensed with the “Transportation of Dangerous Good ( TDG ) Radioactive 7” and can transport Class 7 Radioactive goods.
Yes. Using our online technology we provide a login for our clients to be able to track their shipments
Call office and you will be given permission to check your POD, this option is for regular clients only.
Online – you will not this under comments – Call in – speak to dispatcher and he or she will note it down on your order.
Call in to our head office – request e-mail issues to be e-mailed to you and we will activate this option.
Dispatcher will contact pick up contact and advise the situation and get confirmation if we should leave parcel with no signature or try to deliver at a later time.
Regular customers with online access , they can log into their account and check their POD on report section
Call in to our head office – request all deliveries to be e-mailed to you once delivered and we will activate this option.
Regular clients will be able to log into our system and check them at report section.
We will have signatures required for any deliveries unless instructed to leave at mailbox or door. Customer will be responsible for these kind of shipments.

To place an order online, take the following steps.

1. Click on the “Place an Order” in the top menu.

2. Enter your login and password details.

Enter Account #
Enter Web ID

3. Enter your Order.

4. Enter code number or complete Address: (Code numbers are street numbers)

5. By pressing continue, a confirmation number will be generated.

ETA Board Manuel

1. Click on the “ETA Board Login” option in the top menu.

2. Enter your login and password details.

Enter Account #
Enter Web ID

3. Access ETA Board

  • ETA is the expected time of delivery
  • Revised ETA is the GPS estimated time of delivery
  • 3 pick up Statuses In Progress, Pending and Completed

4. ETA Board can be customized to match your brand

5. Track deliveries through the routing board

6. Reports: click on reports on your ETA board and you can select date range and review all your previous orders.