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R Courier is a customer oriented organization totally focused on providing high quality services to ensure complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients and customers. We are currently providing services to a large number of Major Laboratories, Physicians, Diagnostic Imaging and healthcare agencies across Canada.


Exceptional Customer Service – We aim for perfection in satisfying our customers by providing the highest quality of service; we strive for excellence.

Reliability – The purpose of our existence is to provide our customers with a quality, reliable, and cost efficient delivery service to enhance the productivity of your business.

Approach – Our approach is to first gain a better understanding of your specific needs including your deadlines, pre-scheduling requirements and any repeat destinations, then customize our services to meet your objectives. Our effective communications system allows us to execute your deliveries in an efficient, affordable and timely manner each and every time.

First in Canada/Premier Au Canada

route-detailsYou can have access to your ETA board. You can track any of your pick ups and check the history of your pick up and deliveries times. Any delays or change of arrival times will be on your screen with complete access on any computers with secured password.

Avec votre tableau ETA, vous pouvez suivre votre commande en temps réel, en voir l’historique ainsi qu’une estimation de l’heure d’arrivée.

Les mises à jour sont disponibles depuis tout appareil disposant d’un accès à internet.


Why Delivery Tracking Technology Is The Essence Of Successful Couriering

May 30th, 2018|News|

In recent years, society has taken a liking to the idea of the “deliverable” – just about any item is fair game when it comes to being shipped or handed off to consumers from the comfort of their front doors. As a result, a number of couriering companies have emerged to meet the demands of time-stricken individuals across the world who have chosen to prioritize ease and immediacy. In the competitive world of couriering, it’s often difficult to stay afloat and differentiate oneself from other companies. Because of the constant influx of shipments, many courier enterprises tend to get lost or bewildered in the shuffle. Luckily, there are still specialized companies who are able to handle a variety of jobs, while still maintaining the integrity necessary for reliable shipping services; this is what sets R Courier medical delivery services apart from competitors. The secret to this reliability is our decision to use the newest, most efficient delivery technologies on the market. Customers Require Accessibility And Transparency One way that our patented ETA Board technology helps us ensure customer satisfaction is the degree of transparency it allows; because people can too easily develop anxieties over the state of their package – whether

Same-Day Medical Couriering Is The Lifeblood Of Hospital Deliveries

May 19th, 2018|News|

Medical emergencies are always unexpected and deliberating experiences that require the utmost care and precautions on the part of professionals. Each and every wing of a hospital must always be fully stocked up on necessary supplies and effectively managed by administrators. This is especially true of the emergency room, where life-altering events happen each and every moment and there is no time to stumble; medical professionals must, therefore, already be poised to take on just about any problem a patient may throw their way. The inner workings of a medical centre is therefore dependent upon companies like R Courier to regularly replenish their stock and equipment in a scheduled manner; at the same time, medical couriers must also be able to deliver necessary items in a nonstop and sporadic fashion, such that they are ready to be used by a doctor, with little to no notice. No doubt, the intensive labour of medical couriers in large cities like Toronto, Ontario often goes underappreciated, despite just how many items require constant restocking in the context of a large, overworked hospital. Specifically, there are times when biological specimens are required on short notice, lest a patient pass away due to a delayed

2 Ways Hospitals Depend On Expert Medical Couriers

May 12th, 2018|News|

Hospitals and other medical hubs are often depicted in television programs as environments that are simultaneously dramatic and glamourous, full of attractive individuals getting themselves into heated situations. These representations make it seem like healthcare workers and medical programs exist in a vacuum where everyday tasks like intake are not central to the maintenance of the institution. In reality, hospitals are wholly reliant on logistics protocols, rather than the biddings of a few elite doctors. While dramatic renditions of a surgery fail to represent the preparation needed for a given procedure – such as sterilization – in real life, it takes hours of paperwork and courier deliveries just to get the specific supplies needed. The work of doctors only accounts for a fraction of the labour undertaken to maintain an atmosphere that can efficiently care for ailing patients. Much of the work, then, is administrative, such as the tallying of supplies and the filling out of order sheets when the time comes to replenish them. Couriers account for a great deal of the workforce needed to keep a hospital running at a normal rate. The following, then, will outline some of the ways that a team of seasoned medical couriers