13 08, 2019

How Technology Propels Us Forward

It’s virtually impossible to run a business nowadays without the use of technology – let alone a successful one. Technology helps businesses streamline their processes, successfully manage their operations and finances, and create better products and services that meet their customer’s needs.

20 06, 2019

Who Uses Medical Courier Services?

When it comes to using couriers, a number of medical facilities are reliant on them in order to operate effectively to treat their patients. Laboratories, physicians, diagnostic imaging centres, and healthcare agencies across Canada all use couriers to help them get sensitive medical documents, pharmaceuticals, and lab work, from one place to another.

21 05, 2019

Start Your Career as a Medical Courier

Being a medical courier is an important job that involves transporting medical items such as samples, prescription medications, paperwork, equipment, as well as supplies. Because of the highly sensitive nature of the items involved, it’s important that our couriers can be counted on to do the job right.