27 09, 2022

Understanding the R Courier GPS System

GPS is one of the top tools for professional couriers today. Not only does such technology ensure that couriers get packages to their proper destinations on time and without fail, but they also allow customers to connect with their deliveries. When you have a priority delivery on the way, you’ll want to know you

29 08, 2022

Staying Cool in the Summer: How R Courier Drivers Make Deliveries Safely in the Heat

A heat wave is uncomfortable for most but can be dangerous for those suffering from medical conditions that cause them to be vulnerable to extreme temperatures or dehydration. Periods of extreme heat in the summer can also be dangerous for the shipment of certain medical supplies. Staying Cool in the Summer Heat for Health

11 08, 2022

How to Safely Transport Dangerous Goods

With the continued spread of the COVID pandemic lingering around longer than initially expected and the potential for new viruses on the rise, the issue of transporting dangerous goods comes to mind once again. For customers looking for expert delivery services, there’s no need to trust that dangerous goods will arrive on time. Instead,

28 07, 2022

Steps for Avoiding Shipment Loss

Nobody wants their packages to get lost in delivery. While some shipments are inevitably going to be more necessary than others, this level of need should only ever reflect the required delivery time, rather than the potential that a package arrives at all. Likewise, the speed of delivery should always depend upon the service

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