E-commerce has made home delivery a much more common phenomenon, but medical courier services must achieve a higher level of service. R Courier is proud to follow packaging protocols that should be industry standard.

Let’s read more about the packaging protocols we wish all medical couriers followed.

Temperature Controlled

Some shipments need to be always in temperature-controlled environments, or they could be compromised. Certain medications, lab specimens, and other things we move regularly can’t fall above or below a certain temperature, or they could be compromised or invalidated.

GPS for the Win

It doesn’t matter how your package is packaged if it arrives late. Our vehicles are equipped with all the latest GPS tracking, so you can see where it is in real-time.

Our technology puts drivers on the most efficient routes and makes tracking easy, and R Courier was one of the first companies in Canada to offer this technology.

TDG Bonded and Insured

Medical couriers need to ship packages containing dangerous goods, and that requires the company to be fully bonded and insured to Transport Dangerous Goods (TDG). R Courier specializes in delivering sensitive medical equipment, including class 7 radioactive goods.

Couriers are legally required to be TDG licensed if they’re moving such shipments, but there’s a lot to be said for being experienced in these matters, too. R Courier has reliably and safely moved such cargo for decades.

Communication is Key

Keeping people aware of what packages are moving where and when is a key part of delivering effective services. Communication can take several forms, and the leading medical couriers should be able to offer them all.

If you have questions about who signed for your shipment, regular clients can call our office for permission to check the POD. You can also call to receive automatic notifications about any issues related to your package, such as confirmation that it arrived.

R Courier is also proud to offer a secure and convenient online portal for customers to connect with our services through whatever device they prefer. Some patients prefer to connect with us in a seamless, digital way, while others want the reassurance of hearing a voice at the other end of the line. We’re happy to connect with you on your terms.

Security and Privacy

Finally, whether packaging surgical instruments or shipping biosamples, patients have a right to expect that their privacy remains intact, as any breach of their medical data or personal contact information can pose risks. R Courier offers mobile signature capture technology to confirm that our packages get dropped off to the authorized recipient. Our invoice and billing technology makes payments secure and confidential while letting you make a payment using whatever method you prefer.

R Courier has provided Canadians with reliable, secure medical deliveries for decades, and our technology and commitment to exceeding expectations have only improved since then. R Courier sets high standards, and we hope other medical couriers aspire to reach them, too.