boxes passed between courier and receiver

It’s hard to overstate the importance of vision in our lives. Whether you’re trying to drive safely or enjoy a beautiful sunset, you need to be able to see.

If you live in a major metropolitan centre like Toronto, Ottawa, or Hamilton, you likely won’t struggle to find an optometrist’s office near you. The story changes the further you go from an urban environment.

R Courier is proud to relay vital medical supplies, equipment, medicine, and even patients between locations. If you’re an optometrist looking for some best practices, please continue reading.


Intraprofessional referrals are increasing in optometry, which is a good thing. However, there can be professional and even conceptual challenges. For example, historically, referral pathways tend to place optometry above ophthalmology, so some in the profession may not feel like they’re on an even footing today.

Giving patients the best possible outcome relies on serving them and their medical needs holistically. If different eyecare specialists need reliable medical delivery service between locations or cities, that’s where R Courier comes in. We have specialized technology to ensure drivers take the most efficient routes, and it’s easy to track down their vehicles.

Healthcare professionals and patients will also enjoy the feature, which lets you know the ETA of the delivery. When various eyecare specialists work together to share knowledge and collaborate, patient outcomes improve.

Shipping Parts

A patient in one location may need reliable, quick shipping for prescription glasses, specialty contact lenses, and other crucial aspects of eye care. R Courier specializes in delivering medical supplies, and we’re even licensed and fully bonded to transport radioactive specimens and other dangerous goods.

However, we also ship a range of ordinary parcels in addition to specialized medical equipment, organs, and other sensitive materials. We can ship what you need to be delivered with different levels of urgency for a corresponding rate.

If a patient can’t see without their prescription glasses and they’re in an emergency, we’re happy to ship it rush, direct, or urgent, as you see fit. Medical emergencies require haste and reliability, and that’s where we excel.

Constant Communication

Optometrists need to know where important packages are. R Courier is a fast, reliable service because we have specialized equipment that finds the most efficient route for drivers.

But while the package is in transit, it’s easy to stay connected to drivers, so you’ll never be in the dark. Offering constant communication for seamless deliveries keeps patients fully informed so they can relax and feel assured that their packages will arrive on time.

We also have the technology to track where drivers are driving in real-time, so there’s a constant connection and eyes on the shipment.

Medical couriers need to offer more security and reliability than normal services, and R Courier has been doing just that for those in Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, and all across Southern Ontario. When optometrists need to get parts and pieces moving, they should call R Courier today.