Communication is the cornerstone of any great enterprise – but it’s particularly important in healthcare. Medical organizations adhere to high standards of communicational rigour because modern healthcare is built around trust, patient-centricity and efficiency. These tenets benefit practitioners, patients, clients and partners, helping elevate the entire industry.

Of course, when it comes time for healthcare companies to choose a courier, they expect that commitment to transparency to be reflected back. At R Courier, our professional courier services practice several effective communication strategies to ensure promptness, accountability and professionalism. Below, explore how we leverage communication to offer seamless deliveries.

Equipping Drivers with Robust Lines of Communication

To start, we make sure that our drivers have access to various open lines of communication. Efficient communication systems that include radio and digital devices are essential to modern logistics operations, and at R Courier, we equip our drivers with the best.

By giving our drivers the tools they need to communicate, we ensure that shipment statuses are tracked, accounted for and correctly relayed. By utilizing full communication and digital printouts of each order, we also minimize errors.

Driver Training in Communication, Professionalism and Tact

Of course, informational communication (that is, the no-frills transfer of data between drivers, logistics centres and you, the client) is only half the equation. We want to make sure that the quality of our communication is positive as well.

That’s why, at R Courier, we train each of our drivers in professional, tactful and courteous communication. Our drivers are always appropriately dressed and conduct themselves professionally when communicating with you and your clients. And our professionally trained courier drivers go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

We train them not just to be deliverers – but to be helpers as well. As an integral part of the healthcare supply chain, we see it as our duty to continue your commitment to patient-centricity, professionalism and quality care.

Transparent Item Tracking

Lastly, we want to be as transparent as possible with your deliveries. We understand that healthcare logistics often involves sensitive, time-critical information and material, which is why we venture to be as open as possible about the status of your packages.

On our “Technology” page (which you can find above in the “About” section), we detail our layered approach to client communication. Using our trusted ETA system (the first in Canada) alongside Real-time GPS reporting, R Courier is able to track:

  • Replays of driver routes
  • Driver Activity reports
  • Driver performance monitoring
  • Driver position reports
  • Route violation reports
  • Real-time delays
  • And up-to-the-minute arrival times

This dedication to open client communication has helped make us Canada’s most reliable medical courier service and a trusted name in the healthcare industry.

If you want seamless, trustworthy deliveries, you’ve come to the right place. By leveraging several effective communication strategies, we get your package where it needs to go – on time, safely, and with plenty of communication along the way. For order requests and inquiries, click “Place Order” or “Contact” in the bar above.