R Courier provides Professional and Reliable Courier Services which makes us stand apart from our competition.

R Courier offers you a variety of services that are not available with most of our competitors.

Below is a list of things that make us standout over and above the competition.


We offer you a wide variety of vehicles and services to choose from. Whether you are sending an envelope, and you need a small car, or sending a truck full of skids or crates and you need a tractor –trailer or a straight truck, we have the right equipment to handle the job.


Working around the clock to make sure the equipment we use for your deliveries gets your shipments to their destinations safely and on time. By maintaining safe equipment we also make sure that the people we share the roads and highways with get to where they are going safely as well.

Service Vehicle

We have a fully equipped service vehicle on the road ready to go in the event that one of our vehicles breaks down during a delivery. The service vehicle will respond to breakdown calls immediately.


Our drivers are fully trained for their job; a driver is never just put out on the road without training. Our drivers are also trained to be polite, courteous and go that extra step to keep the customer happy. All of our driver caring TDG license for …….

Driver Conduct

Our drivers are always dressed properly and conduct themselves in a very professional manner when dealing with you and your clients. We all know how embarrassing it can be to have an improperly dressed driver who is rude and impolite.

Technologically advanced

We are fully computerized. Our drivers are equipped with radio and digital communication devices. The chances of an error are greatly minimized by utilizing full communication and digital printouts of each order.

GPS System

R Courier is fully equipped with GPS system and can provide you an exact report of delivery and address upon your request.