The Fuel-Surcharge effective May01/2021 – May/31/2021 is 13.50%.
The surcharge effective Jun/01/2021- Jun/30/2021 will be 14.50%.*
<*due to an increase in the average monthly price of unleaded gasoline and a change in R Courier Dynamic Fuel Surcharge Table (see below).*>
Note: *Depending on base charges, FCS Charges varies for different customers, this percentage will not be used for all clients, depending on call volume, Base Price Charges and …. For any inquiries regarding this note, you may contact

The surcharge will be updated every first of the each month. R Courier’s fuel surcharge for courier services is set monthly based upon the average price of regular and Premium unleaded gas. The Dynamic Fuel Surcharge Table below illustrates the fuel surcharge to be applied to shipments based upon the average monthly pump price calculated by R Courier using the weekly prices reported by MJ Ervin and Associates.

Changes to the fuel surcharge are effective the first day of each month and appear at www. approximately one week prior to the effective date. The fuel surcharge applies to all courier shipments tendered to R Courier regardless of destination or mode of transport and is applied to the sum of the base shipping rate, additional weight charges, rural charges and beyond point charges. Premium service surcharges, administrative surcharges and taxes are excluded from the calculation.About R Courier’s Fuel Surcharge

Fuel represents a significant variable cost in the provision of transportation services. Employing a variable fuel surcharge allows R Courier to avoid frequent changes in its base rates and allows the overall cost of shipping to vary (both up and down) with the market price of fuel. R Courier’s fuel surcharge is automatically adjusted based on changes in the market price of unleaded gasoline in order to provide R courier’s customers with an easy to understand basis for changes (both up and down) in R Courier’s fuel surcharge. In addition to automatic adjustments, R Courier”s fuel surcharge is subject to adjustment upon changes by R Courier to the surcharge trigger point ranges and associated percentages set out in the Dynamic Fuel Surcharge Table above.

Dynamic Fuel Surcharge Table

Canada Average Regular & Premium Unleaded Gasoline Price (C$/Litre) *
At Least Less Than Surcharge Amount





Note: Fuel surcharge trigger point ranges and associated percentages are subject to change without any notice