28 08, 2018

Superior Courier Services Will Boost Your Hospital’s Reputation

Hospital reputation management (HRM) describes a medical centre’s concerted effort to take control of public relations. More specifically, HRM details the ways by which a hospital is perceived by the public and the strategies put in place to manipulate these perceptions to its advantage. The significance and impact HRM has on a hospital has skyrocketed

12 08, 2018

2 Ways Medical Couriers Can Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

Medical couriering is one of the most intensive occupations imaginable, given how fragile and time-sensitive certain packages tend to be – particularly those that contain biological specimens. Even the delivery of large hospital equipment is a complicated matter. An MRI machine, for instance, damaged during its transportation could result in weeks of backlog and misdiagnoses on

22 06, 2018

Technology Is Revolutionizing The Courier Industry – Here’s How

With the rapid and consistent development of communication technologies of all kinds – from various social media platforms, all the way to standardized GPS systems – our expectations of transparency and immediacy have significantly increased in all walks of life. Everything from food deliveries, all the way to medical deliveries, are changing incredibly fast. The business