27 03, 2019

The Many Benefits of GPS Tracking

It’s easy to take things for granted when you’ve become comfortable with the way certain things are nowadays. For instance, there was once a time when you had to look up routes on a physical map or print out directions off of the internet. There was no helpful voice speaking out of your phone to give you directions, and if you were lost you actually had to stop somewhere to ask for help.

13 03, 2019

R Courier: How We Stand Apart from the Competition

When it comes to medical delivery couriering you need to know that you can rely on the people you hire to do the job. You can count on us to provide professional services and care for the vitality important products that you are transporting. R Courier is a leader in parcel delivery and medical courier services in Canada. Here are the services we offer that makes us stand out from the rest.

27 02, 2019

Only the Best Medical Couriers Take Advantage of New Technologies

When doctors are running low on supplies, replenishment can quickly become an urgent matter. Without having the necessary items used to treat patients and meet their specific needs, which are always changing rapid-speed, the stakes of healthcare become too extreme for most to handle. Any given healthcare centre can easily be compromised in a situation as dire as this. Just a few bad experiences between doctors and patients can be devastating to the brands of even the most established healthcare centres – indeed, branding is everything and the way the public perceives a hospital can affect its well-being.

20 02, 2019

High-Tech Couriers Means Reliable Delivery Services

If you have an urgent delivery to make, it’s likely a job best suited for a parcel delivery or courier service, rather than the throes and woes of postage, where any delivery is liable to get misplaced, and consequently face a slew of delays on its way to its final destination. Indeed, specialized services that expedite your shipment, no matter the volume or content of the parcel, will leave you or your company feeling at ease.

13 02, 2019

2 Ways Our ETA Board Guarantees Outstanding Parcel Delivery Services

While saving money is usually at the top of one’s list of priorities in the world of hospital administration, safety and efficiency really ought to the main focus of those looking to get their sensitive medical items delivered in a timely and efficient manner. This is why professionals in the healthcare industry typically seek out the skills of trusted courier services – namely, companies that have extensively-trained drivers and unique, high-tech pieces of equipment to guarantee the well-being of delicate items.

23 01, 2019

Delivery Tracking Technology Leaves No Room for Errors

Because there are so many complicated elements that go into the making (and sometimes breaking) of hospital reputations, there’s little to no leeway when it comes to logistical hiccups. There really is no room for errors in the world of healthcare professionals. One wrong move and the whole operation can be out of whack for days. As a result, is an entire field of work known as Hospital Reputation Management has been created in order to understand and record how hospitals are perceived by the public.