Medical couriering is one of the most intensive occupations imaginable, given how fragile and time-sensitive certain packages tend to be – particularly those that contain biological specimens. Even the delivery of large hospital equipment is a complicated matter. An MRI machine, for instance, damaged during its transportation could result in weeks of backlog and misdiagnoses on the part of the technicians responsible for overseeing it. An X-Ray machine that isn’t probably stowed while being moved to and fro facilities could result in life-changing decisions being improperly arrived at. The cargo of a medical courier, in short, has a lot riding on it.

This is why medical couriers are doing more than satisfying customers when they undertake their services in a professional manner. Ultimately, they are impacting lives positively and ensuring that an already flawed healthcare system isn’t further jeopardized. Here, then, are a few ways our medical couriers guarantee the best possible deliveries.

  1. Prioritize Professionalism

The medical courier services from R Courier can make the best of any situation, no matter how unexpected it may be. In the midst of things like unexpected route changes due to traffic or road hazards, our drivers are fully prepared to make use of their intuitive know-how to get your package to its destination as soon as possible. This is part and parcel of our protocols regarding professionalization – not only do we train our drivers to keep a calm and collected demeanor, so to do our administrative workers help to cultivate this kind of positive, productive attitude.

  1. Keep The Customer Updated As Much As Possible

Keeping the lines of communication open is vital in just about any field of work. Our courier tracking technology is what allows deliveries to be overseen in real-time, in case one of the aforementioned situations arises. Customers are able to access the precise location and condition of their package using our unique ETA interface.

With a customizable username and password, you can log in to our database to closely track your order via the drivers’ GPS-equipped vehicle, allowing you to take note of any route changes or sudden delays. Once the package reaches its destination, you will be notified and the ETA Board can even provide confirmation of the recipient via a mobile signature. With changes being made on the go, the system can help you coordinate your hectic schedule with delivery times.

If, like many hospital overseers, you’re sending items from one medical centre to another, the ETA Board login can be shared with various individuals, so both the sender and receiver can remain in-the-know. It is, in the end, a very reliable mode of communication that is perfect for hospital and corporate settings alike. This kind of precision and interactivity is what separates R Courier from its competitors, who tend to remain one-sided and offer very few details about upcoming deliveries.

Given the variety of timeframes we can work with, we offer medical courier services that are surely able to cater to your every need, no matter how specific or urgent it may be. Satisfaction through efficiency is just a few clicks away.