With the advent of apps like Foodora and Uber Eats, as well as other fast-paced, on-the-go courier services, job opportunities in this particular industry are at an all-time high in recent years. As a result, millennials have taken it upon themselves to use these technologies to take advantage of the “gig economy,” which is becoming more than a fad for many; it’s a lifestyle that brings with it an array of ups and downs.


Indeed, if one is to maintain a career as a courier of any variety, a competitive edge is absolutely necessary; cultivating such an edge in our contemporary moment takes quite a bit of know-how but, with enough practice and experience, one could easily stand out and approach the possibility of being promoted to a more stable job. The expert delivery services that the R Courier team offers each and every client certainly require more than the ability bring to food door-to-door – indeed, all of our drivers undertake years of training and certification in order to ensure the best possible national and international services. There is, of course, the urgency of the rush delivery of blood samples, and rushing to and fro animal clinics and medical centres. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that everybody’s got to start somewhere.

Because R Courier appreciates the talent and dedication of millennials and understands that the future depends on the youth of today, the following is a compilation of general tips our team has made use of over the course of our 25 year run; these guidelines are meant to help aspiring couriers stay alert and establish themselves in this ever-changing industry.

  1. Perfect Your Time-Management Skills And Be Available

It should go without saying that couriering is a time-sensitive matter! But, for many budding drivers, this facet will have to be constantly learned and re-learned. No matter what kind of courier service you are undertaking – be it a bike-mounted delivery or an SUV-driven furniture delivery from Ikea – couriers need efficient time-management skills. When starting out, downtime may be an absolute luxury for the busy courier in training, as there is usually a high influx of deliveries to be made. Consequently, a high degree of physical stamina is necessary if one is to master the rhythms of couriering and maintain the timelines and availability that such a business entails. This is particularly true of the gig economy’s offerings, which happen around the clock.

  1. Perfect Your Image

If you don’t look the part, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to play the part. Indeed, when clients are looking for delivery services that are fast and reliable, they expect a certain demeanor from the professionals undertaking the service. In this sense, maintaining a professional image is vital to one’s status as a courier. No matter how rushed a driver may be, or how tired they may feel after a long journey, it’s necessary to be clean and presentable – this, no doubt, includes maintaining a pristine uniform and well-organized vehicle, which ought to be swept and ordered according to the delivery system at work in the company for which one works. Tools, spill kits, shovels, and other items used for the upkeep of the truck must be out of sight; clients should never see or become aware of the inner workings that keep things running smoothly. Indeed, the focus should be on prompt deliveries and deftness – all else is secondary.

  1. Hone Your Coping Skills

While professionalism is to a large extent determined by image, the behaviour of courier drivers is also integral. In a fast-paced business like that of couriering, there are a variety of factors that are out of the control of both clients and drivers – for instance, the weather could be insufferable for traveling long distances; there’s always the chance that other cars on the road are being commandeered by irresponsible drivers; the accidents of others may, in a split second, cause a delay or even derail an entire route normally taken by a courier. Nevertheless, there are ways to go about these instances in a calm, collected manner that will get you through them with little to no effort; this is undeniable in the age of GPS technology. Even a re-routed stat delivery can make it on time with the use of R Courier’s signature ETA board – or, if you don’t have access to something as sophisticated, a simple smartphone will do! As far as weather goes, drivers ought to be prepared for everything and study-up on techniques to maneuver vehicles in any conditions. In any case, true professionalism depends on coping skills – this is true of any business.

With tips like these in mind, it’s not unlikely that you’ll be supersede the talents of gig-oriented companies like Foodora and perhaps be able to join our team one day. In the meantime, if you happen upon a rush delivery so urgent that you simply can’t complete it yourself, you can easily give us a call to take care of all your courier needs – we’ll show you how the experts do it.