As the Greater Toronto Area ramps up the COVID-19 vaccines, R Courier has been there every step of the way.

Our professional couriers have been delivering vaccines across Ontario from Ottawa to Toronto, Peel and York Region. In addition to our trusted delivery services, we have been picking up COVID-19 samples from several regions across the province, including Hamilton, London, Waterloo, Kitchener, South Western Ontario and Niagara Falls. We provide 24/7 deliveries to ensure you receive your shipments where and when you need them.

Our experienced medical couriers in Toronto take extra precautions to maintain a safe environment and handle your medical deliveries with care.

Now more than ever, you want your medical courier to handle every delivery with precision, urgency and respect. At R Courier, we have the answers to all of your important shipment, packaging, and delivery questions.

Can You Transport Dangerous Goods?

At R Courier, our dedicated medical couriers are all licensed and follow the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations. We are ready and trained to handle any lab specimens, including infectious samples.

How Can I See the Status of My Medical Parcel?

Our delivery services include Canada’s first ETA board, which gives you the most up-to-date information on the location and estimated delivery of your medical shipment. You can track your parcels with ease with your account number, web ID and password. Your trackable orders are one click away!

Where is My Medical Delivery?

R Courier drivers carry a GPS that uses modern technology to provide detailed reports and tracking. For our customers with a large volume of parcels, you have access to our GPS system through web login and track any of the drivers with your packages at any time during the route.

How Quickly Can I Get My Medical Package?

We know that receiving your medical package on time is of utmost importance. With our professional courier services, we provide our customers with a range of delivery options, including regular, rush, direct, urgent, and overnight shipping.

What if I Want No Contact at Delivery?

When it comes to your medical deliveries, we understand that limited contact may be preferable. Using our mobile signature capture, we can provide contact-less sign-offs.

If you prefer, you can call our dispatch, who will happily leave a message for the courier. However, please remember that R Courier holds no responsibility for any damage or loss after drop-off once the package is delivered if you select our zero-contact option.

What Makes You Better Than Other Medical Couriers?

As a privately owned courier in Toronto since 1991, we have gone entirely digital. Our online services are insured to today’s industry standards to provide customers across Ontario with fast and reliable door-to-door delivery. We use the latest technology to ensure each package is delivered safely and on time.

Stick with a local courier for your medical parcels because no one knows Toronto better than us. Contact us today to find out how we can be the perfect fit for your medical deliveries.