It has been several months since COVID-19 was first discovered inside Canada’s borders. While people are getting tired of the social distancing measures, the number of infections is not encouraging enough to lift the lockdowns and get back to business as usual. The city of Toronto is not in a position to close assessment centres just yet. Testing citizens for signs of the virus continues to be a top priority.

Why Testing Is a Top Priority

Testing is one of the best strategies for dealing with the pandemic. With thorough testing, health officials can track the spread of the virus and find the hot spots for infections. Without that information, people will be in the dark regarding the virus. In a pandemic, knowledge is power and ignorance is dangerous.

Health officials also need this data from testing to determine decisions like ending lockdowns, lifting regulations and re-opening public spaces. When the numbers show a consistent downturn, social distancing measures can loosen.

Recent Spikes in COVID-19

People are getting impatient for things to return to “normal.” As the weeks go by and the weather gets warmer, they’re more likely to make impulsive decisions that could put their health at risk.

In mid-May, health officials found a rise in COVID-19 cases in Ontario directly after Mother’s Day, leading them to believe that people went to family gatherings to celebrate the holiday. A similar spike in Toronto is expected after an estimated 10,000 people gathered in Trinity Bellwoods Park for picnics and walks in the sunshine. Premier Doug Ford announced that anyone who was in the crowd should get tested for the virus as soon as possible. After this announcement, COVID-19 assessment centers in Toronto saw a surge in visitors in test subjects.

With more scenarios like this on the horizon, the city will have to keep pushing citizens to stay vigilant and keep testing when they have potentially come in contact with COVID-19.

Delivering Samples

Testing samples need to be delivered to the laboratories quickly and safely so that people can get their results without delay and health officials can get accurate records of positive infections. It’s a crucial time when you need reliable medical parcel delivery services that have experience handling biohazardous substances, including COVID-19 test samples. As early as March 2020, R Courier delivered samples from hospitals around the city of Toronto to Public Health at 661 University. The matter was treated with the utmost seriousness and proves our service’s commitment to aid frontline workers in an incredibly stressful time.

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The need for testing hasn’t disappeared. The city of Toronto still needs to track the numbers of COVID-19 patients to help better control the spread and flatten the curve of the infections. R Courier is here to make the testing process smoother, bringing samples quickly and safely to laboratories around Toronto.