Medical emergencies are always unexpected and deliberating experiences that require the utmost care and precautions on the part of professionals. Each and every wing of a hospital must always be fully stocked up on necessary supplies and effectively managed by administrators. This is especially true of the emergency room, where life-altering events happen each and every moment and there is no time to stumble; medical professionals must, therefore, already be poised to take on just about any problem a patient may throw their way.

The inner workings of a medical centre is therefore dependent upon companies like R Courier to regularly replenish their stock and equipment in a scheduled manner; at the same time, medical couriers must also be able to deliver necessary items in a nonstop and sporadic fashion, such that they are ready to be used by a doctor, with little to no notice.

No doubt, the intensive labour of medical couriers in large cities like Toronto, Ontario often goes underappreciated, despite just how many items require constant restocking in the context of a large, overworked hospital.

Specifically, there are times when biological specimens are required on short notice, lest a patient pass away due to a delayed transplant surgery; in this regard, hospitals must make use of companies who offer specialized delivery services – like those of R Courier – companies that are not only convenient and efficient, but aware of their potentially life-saving capacities.

This is why our drivers are required to possess and maintain a knowledge of fundamental medicinal and anatomical knowledge – with this intact, our workers are able to easily attend to the unique needs of certain time-sensitive, and very much perishable, medical deliveries.

At R Courier, moreover, hardworking service technicians treat each and every parcel with the delicacy that a physician would use to care for a patient; much like a medical doctor in training, our drivers are always on call and poised to carry out the service you need, when you need them. Given that each shipment is particular and urgent in its own right, our new tracking system allows all clients to see precisely how their package is being delivered – that is, whether or not it is on a truck or another type of vehicle, as well as the kinds of storage equipment in which it is being carried.

R Courier drivers have access from everything to tote bags and coolers, all the way to cooling systems that are fully-integrated into our vehicles. All of this information is accessible from our ETA Board, so you can check in on the progress our expert drivers are making with your parcel delivery. By logging in, you can get the knowledge you need – updated in real time, so you know precisely when a parcel has shipped and when it is set to arrive.

If your hospital or medical centre is in need of an organizational overhaul, R Courier is here to help – you can place your order online right away or give us a call to speak with one of our service representatives in detail about the nature of your order.