In recent years, society has taken a liking to the idea of the “deliverable” – just about any item is fair game when it comes to being shipped or handed off to consumers from the comfort of their front doors. As a result, a number of couriering companies have emerged to meet the demands of time-stricken individuals across the world who have chosen to prioritize ease and immediacy.

In the competitive world of couriering, it’s often difficult to stay afloat and differentiate oneself from other companies. Because of the constant influx of shipments, many courier enterprises tend to get lost or bewildered in the shuffle. Luckily, there are still specialized companies who are able to handle a variety of jobs, while still maintaining the integrity necessary for reliable shipping services; this is what sets R Courier medical delivery services apart from competitors. The secret to this reliability is our decision to use the newest, most efficient delivery technologies on the market.

Customers Require Accessibility And Transparency

One way that our patented ETA Board technology helps us ensure customer satisfaction is the degree of transparency it allows; because people can too easily develop anxieties over the state of their package – whether or not it is in safe hands or if it has, in fact, made it to its destination – many delivery companies have adopted various methods to send updates to their clientele. However, when it comes to the technology used to track packages, other companies often fall short in matters of accuracy and accessible. For example, while larger companies offer text message updates about orders, these messages are often riddled with inaccuracies.

With this in mind, precise and reliable delivery tracking technology is essential to the success of couriering in general and is an integral element of medical couriering. That’s why the team at R Courier is eager to have customers learn about our new tracking system and the advantages it holds over well-known couriering companies. Our ETA Board login not only gives you access to an estimated time of arrival that can be updated by the driver in real time, it also allows you to glimpse the minute details of the delivery truck. By logging in, you can see the equipment on board used to store delicate deliverables while they are in transit, such as temperature-controlled hauls and specialized medical carrying equipment.

All Job Are Rush Jobs

In the world of couriering, it’s always best to act as though a delivery must be made immediately, no matter the nature of the parcel; keeping service technicians and drivers on their toes is a must, insofar as an urgent order can placed at a moment’s notice. This is particularly true of specialized medical courier services, where any time of day or night is fair game for a nonstop parcel, like that of a biological specimen needed to perform an emergency surgery. At R Courier, the employees are constantly poised to meet your every need, and they value each package equally; this is why our exclusive ETA Board technology can be accessed by any customer who makes use of our services.

Indeed, the advent of convenience in the world of the “deliverable” has brought about astounding changes in the North American delivery market alone – changes that R Courier is delighted to be a part of in our own, unique way. Statistics show that the Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) market is estimated to grow at an annual rate of five percent until the year 2025. No matter how much the parcel delivery industry may continue to change in the coming years, you can rest assured that R Courier will be able to account for and embrace these evolutionary moments.

If you’re looking for a service carried out by reliable and trackable technicians, you can call us to schedule a delivery that suits your schedule; the team at R Courier is waiting to meet your needs and, ultimately, show you what successful, tech-savvy medical couriering looks like.