If you’ve ever driven in cold, wintery weather, you know precisely how difficult it can be to navigate the treacherous terrain of a snowy – or, better yet, slushy – road, jam-packed with traffic and other types of messes. These kinds of elements constitute difficult obstacles for the average driver, and they are especially troublesome for those in a rush. Commutes in late fall or early winter, no doubt, require extra time to be accounted for, if not the occasional rerouting of one’s drive, no matter how large or small the distance you’re travelling.

If one is in a hurry to drop-off a parcel or pick-up an important package, the elements are all the more irritating. Luckily, you can avoid incessant comings and goings in weather that is less-than-ideal for stressed-out drivers by simply hiring a courier service, one that takes the creed of the US postal workers to heart: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

When it comes to preparedness for cold weather, you ought to see what R Courier can do for you – we’re more than happy to make a pilgrimage across gritty, slush-covered roadways on behalf of you or your medical practice; for ordinary drivers, however, snow and cold weather in general can cause a great deal of problems and, while we can’t be accountable for everyone on the road, R Courier drivers are equipped with the know-how and tools that are necessary to bail a vehicle out of a difficult situation.

Even if the speed of your vehicle is slightly lower than it would normally be, the prospect of remaining safe is vital; if you’re speeding in the sleet, you can too easily swerve and not only damage the packages on board (this is particularly true of a lab delivery such as a sample), but jeopardize your entire life. No one wins (or gets their package, to say the least) when dangerous circumstances are cultivated. In this sense, slowing down and acting like a responsible courier is speedier than playing the part of an irresponsible driver. Moreover, braking earlier and more cautiously is highly recommended – it prevents hydroplaning and distances you from other cars ahead, while signaling to drivers behind you to prevent being rear-ended. Even during a stat delivery or rush delivery, our drivers take the time to ensure their safety and that of the package.

Have The Right Equipment On Board

Be sure to always have extra anti-freeze on hand, as well as the tools necessary to adjust and readjust snow tires, to ensure the best traction in deep snow. Always keep a shovel and a brush on hand for when things get messy and you find yourself on a snow-covered road that’s too troublesome to drive over. Additionally, it’s important to have a survival kit available, which are useful not just for dire situations, but also in instances of unexpected delays, as it’s important to stay hydrated and well-nourished. Moreover, winter tires offer better grip and must be used in adverse weather if any service vehicle is to effectively undertake its job in a professional, safe manner.

Use All The Features Your Vehicle Has To Offer

Turning on your defroster is vital during rainstorms; it’s also possible to use you’re A/C to defog your windows, depending on the temperature. This also means turning on your headlights on a dark wintery night in order to help fellow drivers become aware of your presence. Nevertheless, it’s not advisable to turn high beams on in the rain or snow, as this can be blinding to other people on the road.

These tips – which you were hopefully following already – should keep you safe in just about conditions, In any case, if you want to see them in action or simply need to ensure a delivery is made in a timely manner, despite what the outdoors have to offer, you can easily contact us today and we’ll get back to you posthaste – that’s just the R Courier way.