As an occupation, medical couriering requires some of the most intensive logistical and hands-on skills in the workforce today. Some might say that medical couriers need to be militant in the line of duty, as many packages are both time-sensitive and delicate. We step in when traditional couriering services fail or have been put on hold, for whatever reason.

With more and more hospitals upgrading their equipment and bringing healthcare right into the 21st Century, more and more large deliveries are being made that require hundreds of small, intricate parts to be assembled once it leaves the factory floor.

For example, hospital beds – unlike stretches – are quite delicate and require careful handling when being transported. Any damage incurred during delivery of it – be it assembled entirely or unassembled parts – can negatively impact the experience of patients and their ability to get adequate rest.

Similarly, X-Ray machines, MRI machines, and just about any large-scale equipment requires mindfulness – and courier services you can trust – during the transportation process. This is part and parcel of our protocols regarding professionalization – not only do we train our drivers to keep a calm and collected demeanour, so too do our representatives in the administrative branch of our offices help to maintain a positive, efficient, and dedicated attitude. 

This means that couriers are not only trying to make haste for the sake of biological specimen – which are doubtlessly time sensitive. On the contrary, couriers are now required to take pains in the delivery of heavy machinery which requires extensive organizational skills.

No doubt, there are a few ways our medical couriers guarantee the best possible deliveries. One of them includes the use of our unique, state of the art ETA board. While some customers may have a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to handing off deliveries to drivers or expecting the arrival of a package, others are quite stressed.

That’s why it’s helpful to track your delivery anytime with our technology – the freedom to see, at all times, where and when your package will be delivered is extraordinary for those who tend to worry about logistics and timing. Keeping the lines of communication open is vital in just about any field of work. Our tracking tech – which is GPS-enabled – is one of the many cogs that allow deliveries to be cared for in real-time, in case an unforeseen situation arises. Customers are able to access the precise location and condition of their package using our unique ETA interface.

electronic transactions

If you happen to be sending items from one hospital to another – whether it’s across town or across the province – your unique ETA Board login can be shared with various individuals. As a result, both the sender and receiver can be updated about each and every detail of the delivery. Indeed, this kind of openness is a very dependable mode of communication. It’s perfect for corporate settings and large institutions of all kinds. This kind of precision and interactivity is what separates R Courier from its competitors.

With all of this in mind, R Courier offers reliable courier services and always you can always depend upon us in a pinch. But these kinds of services don’t just happen overnight – a lot of work goes into keeping track of driver and route logistics, as well as hospital intake and outtake. You can contact us anytime by phone or email and we’ll get back to you with any questions you may have posthaste.

With a few clicks or calls, you’ll be to avoid the hassle and stress of other delivery programs that we strive to surpass in every way possible.