Just like healthcare professionals, medical couriers need to remain on the cutting edge of new technology. While our team at R Courier provides advanced tracking systems and online services, we always must be on the lookout for any new technological developments in the courier industry that could lead to better service. Here are a few of the most likely advances in courier technology to arrive in the coming years.

The Growing Need for Medical Couriers

The medical courier industry has been growing in recent years because more healthcare professionals and other independent companies appreciate the value that a professional medical courier service offers. With this increase in demand comes a greater need for updated technology to help assure the best care in delivering critical shipments.

New Technology at R Courier

As one of the leading medical courier services in Toronto, R Courier offers some of the most advanced technology to ensure your deliveries arrive on time. One of the most crucial types of technology is GPS Tracking, which provides that the status of our drivers is always available in real-time at each stage of the journey.

ETA Board Tracking System

While all of our vehicles are equipped with a GPS tracking system, the information supplied by GPS isn’t only available to our team of professionals. Our customers can register an account online to access all the information they need to find out where their delivery is along its route. This way, you can be sure of the delivery time of your shipment as precisely as possible.

As beneficial and trustworthy as our current GPS tracking system, utilizing the most recent technology available doesn’t mean that our company has reached its peak in tracking. As evolving tracking technology becomes available, our team will be watching and ready to implement any devices that prove essential to the industry.

Considering Innovation and Safety

While there is always a significant level of pressure in the medical courier industry, given that the shipments medical couriers deliver are among the most vital, the demand for technological innovations for medical delivery should never come at the expense of safety. One example of this includes using various vehicles not controlled by humans but by artificial intelligence.

It is indisputable that recent developments in artificial intelligence have been highly beneficial to a growing number of industries. In cases involving dangerous goods or a person’s life is on the line, they may not be the safest option.

Technology to Watch

In cases where the most critical deliveries are concerned, vehicles like self-driving cars and drones are not yet employed due to safety concerns. While these technologies may become essential assets to medical couriers in the near future, they are less reliable than human control at this point. More evidence must be gathered before these devices are proven essential to the industry and safe for medical delivery in all cases.

If you’re interested in learning more about the technology we use at R Courier, please contact our team to find out more.