It’s obvious that the labour of a medical courier is always (or at least indirectly) a life-saving duty to undertake. In some scenarios, health care workers would be entirely unable to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities if it were not for the efficiency of medical courier drivers.

The backbone of any hospital is, ultimately, the many couriers who are constantly working diligently and travelling vast distances to meet very rigid deadlines. All of this happens on a regular basis, given that you can never truly schedule a last-minute heart transplant delivery.

Luckily, with R Courier and its team of professionals, you can get the very best in medical couriering for your hospital or walk-in clinic.

The delivery tracking technology available is state-of-the-art. Indeed, we only take on the most reputable drivers and pair them with technologies that allow for the speediest deliveries. There are, moreover, so many options available to keep your parcel safe during the delivery process. While our services may be fast, they never sacrifice safety for the sake of speed.

Our drivers always have totes and medical bags, as well as a professional cooling system and boxes on hand. Not only will the cargo items stay firmly in place while being transported, they will remain at the temperature they require. Perishables are, indeed, R Courier’s specialty.

Additionally, our tracking system allows access to exclusive information like the name of the driver, their vehicle number, the routes they have taken or will take in the future. The ETA Board, suffice it to say, is truly an unprecedented system that surpasses the capacities of larger courier companies or services significantly. On the one hand, with tools like this at your disposal 24/7, any changes that one needs to make can be done with just a few clicks. On the other hand, if ever should a planned route change midway through the expedition, you’ll be able to communicate with u, allowing you to change any plans that you may have had –be it an emergency surgery, all the way to scheduled stockroom reorganizing. We cater to your every need.

With all of this in mind it’s no wonder that over the past twenty-five years, R Courier has become one of the most trustworthy names in the medical industry – you can place your order online with us today.

Any doctor looking to maintain a competitive edge will, no doubt, benefit from R Courier’s services. This kind of technology and diligence will change the way hospital deliveries and medical couriering are undertaken across the world. You ought to call us today for information about the technologies that are exclusive to R Courier, or to satisfy any other inquiries you may have. In any case, efficiency is waiting for you and, no doubt, so are your patients; a new way of handling medical deliveries is, fortunately, only a few clicks away.