The main reason specialized medical couriers exist is that healthcare often requires strict timelines and the utmost care. When treating animals rather than people, that situation is no different. If you need medicine or equipment delivered quickly and securely to treat of one of your client’s beloved pets, you need a medical courier to provide a guaranteed service.

When to Use a Premium Courier Service

As in the case of any medical delivery service, veterinarians often run into situations where time is of the essence when treating a patient. If you’re performing surgery on an animal or offering any other medical care where that patient’s ability to recover depends on the timely delivery of a particular prescription or piece of equipment, you need a medical courier.

At R Courier, we offer several different courier services, many of which are classified in terms of speed of delivery. If you need to ensure that the shipment will arrive at a specific time, you can’t trust your vital delivery to just any courier service – you need a medical courier.

Considering Safety

A guaranteed delivery speed might be the most critical factor in your choice to partner with a medical courier. Still, timely delivery is far from the only benefit you’ll gain when you decide to work with us for all your veterinary practice’s delivery needs.

Most items a medical courier delivers require an exceptional level of care for reasons of safety. After all, you can’t afford the risk that anyone unauthorized will have access to your shipment. It would help if you also were sure that your parcels would be handled appropriately at every stage of the shipment process. Working with a medical courier will provide you with this level of confidence.

Advanced Tracking Systems

When you ship with our team at R Courier, you’ll gain the added guarantee of the best tracking systems. Once you place an online order with our team, you can log in to our ETA Board with your registered account. Through our website, you can monitor your shipment through its entire progress.

All of our delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems that connect remotely to our online ETA Board. Our drivers are also equipped with mobile phones in case of emergency. Additionally, we have an emergency vehicle standing by in the event that anything goes wrong with our primary vehicles. In this rare case, our emergency vehicle will ensure your package arrives when it should.

One of the most common delivery mistakes a veterinarian can make is sending medical shipments through a regular courier service. As long as you don’t need to send anything that is of the most critical importance, this system might serve you well for a while, but the day it fails to come through with your delivery will be a day you’ll regret as a medical professional.

Don’t take chances with your veterinary shipments. Contact us to arrange your next medical delivery, so you’ll know it will arrive when you need it.