At R Courier, medical deliveries rank among some of the most vital courier services that we offer. Not only do these items hold the potential to save lives and heal patients, but they can also advance medical research and help to fight against problems like the Covid-19 pandemic.

Such deliveries routinely call for our fastest speeds possible, along with safe and disciplined handling practices. Packages that rank this high in importance deserve a highly-trained team of medical courier professionals; they also require the best and most up-to-date equipment available for the job.

The Motive for Modernization

In fields like medicine, you must always employ the most capable technology to tackle the most demanding problems. This need for innovation extends into the realm of delivery services as well. After all, the most advanced equipment and medical supplies in the world won’t do any good to those who need them if they cannot reach their destinations on time.

There’s no comparison to using technology to streamline delivery wherever it is needed; that’s why R Courier makes it their priority to provide the best services available. It’s also why medical and governmental organizations like Toronto Public Health trust us to handle some of their most essential deliveries – such as Covid-19 samples.

A Continual Effort

When modernization is required due to the importance of the delivery, the ambition to provide top-of-the-line services that are also the most up-to-date must always remain an ongoing effort. At R Courier, keeping up-to-date is an essential part of our mandate. Here are a few examples of the things we offer that keep us ahead of the game and keep your medical deliveries arriving on time:

Superior Training

To work within a system that employs some of the most modern technology in the delivery business, you need to build a qualified team with advanced training and expertise. At R Courier, every member of our delivery service is trained with certification for transportation of dangerous goods (TDG). Not only are our couriers certified to handle the most demanding medical goods, they can also handle radioactive materials.

ETA Board and Tracking System

All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and that service is connected to an online system that ensures our deliveries get to where they are required. Rather than taking the time to call to find answers to your questions, our clients can log in to our ETA Board online to get answers to questions regarding

  • Pick Up Times
  • Delivery Times
  • The Number of Packages Received and Delivered
  • A Replay of Driver Routes
  • Driver Activity Report

Since every vehicle in our fleet is equipped with real-time GPS reporting linked to our ETA Board, you can rest assured that all of the information you receive regarding the status of your delivery will be exact.

The most critical services require advanced technology, like the kind that ensure medical deliveries get to the health care professionals and patients that need them. Register online with R Courier before your next order to put our modern services to work for you.