Safety – in addition to efficiency and transparency – ought to the primary concern of those considering the use of a medical courier service. It goes without saying that hospital and pharmaceutical couriers must meet several certification requirements and be well-versed in various training programs to allow for maximum know-how and general knowledgeability during critical situations, such as the transportation of organs and the like.

And yet, when you use R Courier – you’re not just taking advantage of a package delivery service­-cum-medical courier. On the contrary, you’re making an executive decision to use the services of dedicated experts, poised to meet your every need; it’s less a business, and more an operation of dedicated professionals.

When you enlist us to handle a shipment of any variety, it is not just an exercise in convenience that you’re undertaking, but an investment in a parcel delivery services company that is attempting to imagine the future of couriering. Indeed, we pride ourselves on the use of exceptional, cutting-edge courier technology – for both the packaging and shipping of your items – that effectively eliminates any stress that may arise from the anticipation of parcel deliver; because you’re not dealing with a post office, you shouldn’t have to feel the anxiety of one.

At no extra cost, we make use of an accessible, user-friendly GPS tracking system that not only allows you to keep tabs on your delivery, but offers the benefit of delivery reports upon arrival; i.e., you’ll know exactly when and where you package has been dropped off. Every level of client-company interaction, moreover, involves new technology; with our newly redesigned platform-friendly website, it’s easier than ever to navigate our services and products; this can be done across platforms – from desktops to smart phones.


To be sure, technology like this is few and far between, as far as Canadian delivery service companies go. With our consolidated GPS system, simply logging in to your account will provide you with direct access to your parcel’s journey, down to the very last detail: our system offers a step-by-step replay of your driver’s report, in addition to a route violation report and a monitor that gauges the performance of the driver – these are just a few of the benefits exclusive to our ordering system’s software and hardware. This data, in turn, is used to reap improvements and shave off as many precious seconds as we can from our delivery time; we are, no doubt, constantly seeking improvement.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on flexibility and well-roundedness. Our seasoned and well-trained staff, in addition to their professional and rigidly methodological handling of dangerous goods, will also attend to and deliver non-medical related packages at lower rates than typical providers; rest assured, the same tracking technology is employed for these commonplace deliveries.

Even with the use of high-tech organizational tools, the seemingly endless influx of mail at a standard post office could easily render their services chaotic and slow to deliver, to say the least. If you or your company is in the business of making delicate deliveries – be they local, national, or international – and you are able to appreciate superior performance coupled with accessible customer service, we might be the right choice for you. With a technologically-inclined staff and nuanced tracking system, R Courier is one of the fastest courier services based out of Southern Ontario. Don’t hesitate – place your order online today and experience efficiency firsthand.