Deliverables are a complicated matter, particularly when lives are on the line and a deadline becomes an all-too-literal term. Whether it’s an X-ray, medical records, or live organs that need to be transported, R Courier knows just how fast-paced the scenario needs to be.

While standard couriers may have the luxury of taking their time, those drivers and service providers who specialize in more delicate and demanding items – such as the medical delivery services from R Courier – are always in a rush.

Knowledge Is Power

Despite the high-stress scenarios that you may have to engage in, as a medical courier, it’s important to absolutely maintain a sense of cool and behave politely, no matter how urgent the situation at hand may be – even if some of the cargo includes life-or-death parcels. While we encourage all of our drivers to grasp at least some aspects of medicine and the materials they may be transporting, sometimes there are items that simply supersede their field of knowledge.

When this happens, we encourage all of our couriers to make use of the internet to thoroughly understand the parcels at hand. If this means using Google to double or triple-check the temperatures that certain biological specimens require, the devices they have on board their trucks will allow them to do so.

Tracking Technology Means Egalitarian Reliability

Our courier tracking technology isn’t just state-of-the-art, it’s effective and easy to use, maximizing productivity in just about every way, for both drivers and customers.

Doctors and nurses alike ought to take a cue or two from R Courier’s drivers, all of whom are organizational experts, who are able to exceed all expectations. Each and every package is dealt with delicately, in the same manner that a medical expert must handle a patient’s ailing body with care and the utmost respect.

No doubt, it is this kind of attention to detail that gives R Courier a competitive edge in the world of medical couriering, which is as vast as any other industry that plays a vital role in healthcare. Medical couriering, one might say, is comparable to big pharma in its cut-throat attitudes and the ways by which clients take on and drop service providers on a whim.

Speed And Technology Go Hand-in-hand

In order to meet the needs of anxious clients with time-sensitive deliveries, we make use of the best possible technologies that are available to couriers. But even with these useful, handheld devices readily available, R Courier is aware that prompt deliveries always result from the know-how of experienced couriers.

This means knowing the best roots by heart – with or without the use of WiFi. No doubt, the most successful courier companies are the ones that prioritize human intelligence, in tandem with communication technology. As a result, our drivers are fully prepared to make use of their experience of different terrains.

You can check out our order page or simply call us today if you’re ready to be wowed by your next parcel delivery; you’ll quickly see what it means to have a well-trained and highly-skilled medical courier on your side.