When one is required to replenish the supplies needed to maintain the flow, efficiency, and integrity of a medical practice, it’s vital that these resources are readily available, despite the vast distances which certain items may have to travel. Consequently, it may be useful, if not necessary, to bypass the uncertainty of everyday postage services and opt for a trustworthy courier, specifically, one with experience in medical transportation.

Unlike many parcel delivery companies, and especially in difference to standard postage, R Courier delivery services are able to effectively attend to the particularities of you or your company’s needs – indeed, after various pitfalls with standard transportation practices, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies typically turn to private companies like our own to ensure that sensitive items can comfortably survive the delivery process; over the 24 years of we’ve been in business, we have seen more and more healthcare agencies, major laboratories, and physicians across Canada put their trust in us. The privilege of being put in such a position means we necessarily go above and beyond when it comes to the nuanced world of medical materials. We are, first and foremost, customer-oriented so that each and every client is guaranteed the satisfaction, no matter the size or nature of the delivery.

Not only are we seasoned veterans of parcel delivery at large, but our specialization in medical courier services means we’ve developed, over the years, a penchant for the utmost urgency both on the road and in matters of organization and care. Because our couriers to transport the necessary tools, equipment, and other objects to keep a medical centre running – from body organs and fragile biological samples, all the way to the paperwork required to keep medical centres functioning smoothly – we make sure to set a precedence for timeliness with each and every delivery. The amount of exchange that occurs in the day-to-do operations of physicians, caregivers, and the like is busy and strenuous, to say the least. Consequently, the question of efficient delivery is not just about productivity and customer satisfaction; many lives, in fact, are at stake when it comes to couriered medical deliveries, and we are intensely aware of this fact. Thus, knowledgeability, dependability, and the speed of a service is vital and must be under constant scrutiny. We strive not only to make lives more convenient, but, in a sense, to save them.

All of our drivers are certified and extensively trained to abide by Canada’s regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG); consequently, we’ve numerous options for safely and securely delivering even the most sensitive materials. Because our couriers are TDG-certified, they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to transport something as temperamental as HAZMAT Class 7 radioactive goods – without hesitation. Given their extensive training, our delivery personnel are capable of transporting a wide range of medical materials, including – but not certainly not limited to – drugs and other products necessary for treatment, blood, specimens for testing, and various hazardous objects. Whether you’re seeking local delivery services or you’re looking to ensure the delivery of a package at a national or international level, R Courier will be able to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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