Having entered into the aftermath of a nation-wide mail strike, it’s quite clear that a lot of changes need to be made to the system we have at hand. Federal postal services have proven that letter and parcel deliveries are highly sensitive matters, with delivery backlogs affecting just about every walk of life.

If you have a serious delivery to undertake, it’s certainly a job for a courier service. It’s best to treat yourself to something convenient, rather than subject you and your colleagues to the exigencies of postage, where any delivery is likely to get lost in the shuffle of extreme backlogs. This is particularly true of non-medical items, e.g. holiday gift orders that were placed well before the busy shopping season began. Indeed, specialized services that expedite your shipment, no matter the volume or content of the parcel, will leave you or your company feel at ease.

From people with disabilities who are dependent on the delivery of their monthly ODSP check, all the way to eager family members awaiting their forthcoming holiday presents, mail isn’t an issue that can wait. Quite clearly, urgent deliveries

Here, then, are a few things to consider when tackling an important delivery job that needs special care. These lines of thought will help you consider whether or not the job is well-suited for a couriering company.

The Sensitivity of the Package

Fortunately, each and every member of our staff are certified and recognized by Transport Canada as being completely capable of caring for and handling dangerous goods.

The Type of Delivery

Whether or not your couriering job requires absolute urgency is a significant issue to consider. If you’re unable to wait a few weeks for a postal worker to deliver package, you need to consider using a professional and specialty couriering service. Doing so will guarantee that everything arrives safely and in a timely fashion. Moreover, couriers are very flexible – not only can you request an emergency, i.e. STAT specimen pickup or delivery, but you can also track every step of the way.

medical delivery

The Type of Technology

R Courier delivery services make use of a state-of-the-art electronic tracking system that is supported by very precise GPS technology. Only the latest software and hardware are employed to keep your packages safe and sound.

While non-specialized delivery services are constantly expanding these other companies who claim to be fast delivery services are only versed in general aspects of parcel delivery; in contradistinction, we train our drivers to maintain the hygienic and structural integrity of each package. It’s always necessary, in our opinion, to keep, a safe and clean working environment, and, because our shipments can be anything from pharmaceuticals to sterilized medical supplies, we ensure the best care is taken.

Your personalized customer account will allow you to track your orders in real time; a simple login to our website has all the details you could imagine – from driver position and activity to route changes and violations – so you can feel as though you’re travelling the distance yourself. Additionally, you will be informed immediately of any unforeseen route changes or delays.

Although the specific benefits vary from company to company, it’s likely that going beyond your typical postal service will garner advantages such as lower costs, speed, and professionalism – this is especially true that R Courier implemented various procedures and protocols to ensure the best possible service for you and your items, medical or otherwise. Here, speed and efficiency are requisites for each and every member of our team, but we nevertheless maintain a strict and extensive focus on safety, setting out detailed guidelines for the care of your parcels. Here are a few of the perks of ditching your everyday postal service:

You can learn about our state of the art technology by visiting our website, before or after you place an order with us.

If you’re looking for parcel delivery services across Toronto – and beyond – look no further than R Courier today.