As any well-established healthcare practitioner may know, one of the most daunting aspects organizing and stocking a medical centre is just how fast everyday items need to be replenished.

You Can Stay On Top Of Your Stockroom Without Stressing

When keeping a medical centre afloat, one must keep a careful watch over each and every material, from cotton balls and swabs used to treat patients daily, all the way to syringes and complex machinery. That’s why administrators and doctors need to seriously consider who it is they are entrusting with their medical courier services and other logistical necessities.

The professionals at R Courier have nearly thirty years of experience in the field of couriering, with a specialization in all things medical. We know how to effectively keep a positive rapport going with just about any organization, small and large.

Transparent Technology Means Reliable Services

One way that we keep up with the times to ensure that all package deliveries meet only the highest standards is by way of technology. For example, our patented ETA Board technology helps us ensure customer satisfaction is simple and accessible; we try to constantly communicate with concerned clients who are rushing to get things delivered.

We that people can too easily develop anxieties over the location and condition of their package – whether or not it is in safe hands or if it has, made it to its destination are some very pressing concerns to have in mind as an already-stressed doctor.

Various delivery companies have adopted various methods to send updates to their clientele. However, when it comes to the technology used to track packages, other companies often fall short in matters of accuracy and accessible. For example, while larger companies offer text message updates about orders, these messages are often riddled with error.

If you’re not already convinced that R Courier is one of the top providers of medical couriering in Ontario, then you might want to learn about our state of the art tracking system which combines high-end technology with accessibility and know-how.

We have everything from industrial-grade medical bags and totes, air-tight envelopes, professional Koolatron systems, and reliable, energy efficient coolers. With all of these tools at our disposal, you are guaranteed that your package will make it safely to its destination.

With R Courier’s renowned drivers working to keep each and every delivery in pristine condition, both the sender and the receiver can rest assured that everything will arrive on time and in one piece, by way of our exceptional training program and hiring standards.

You’ll never have to worry about the speed and efficiency of your medical parcel delivery services with R Courier on your side. There are a variety of options available to customers new and old, all of which will treat packages with the love and care they require. R Courier understands that we live in a society that expects convenience in just about every walk of life; with our services, we try and bring that convenience to the urgent field of medical parcels.