With the advent of Global Positioning Systems, it is no wonder that parcel delivery services are at an all-time high, as far as usage and reliability go, with countless people becoming willingly dependent upon home delivery, online shopping, and more generally speaking, the joy of receiving items directly in their homes or offices. With this, the popularization of both standard mailing systems and speciality companies such as UPS and FedEx – in tandem with Amazon and the like – has intensified. While their policies and modes of operating all differ, what each of these industrial delivery services have in common is there strategic use of Global Positioning Systems and satellite-derived tracking technology – at R Courier, we, too, share and attempt to cultivate this tech-driven trajectory.

Indeed, technology is a means of keeping customers feeling satisfied and safe, in a quick and convenient way, such that clients can simply login to a secure website in order to receive a real-time update regarding the location or status of their cargo or package; R Courier has, for quite some time, made use of these devices over the course of our 25 year run, but we continuously decide to up the ante so as to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to the courier business. Indeed, we are consistently upgrading our systems to maximize speed, reliability, and avoid any contingencies in the current moment of Global Positioning technology. Here are several reasons as to why we feel it is important to maintain our trajectory of tech-savvy inclinations.

Ambiguity Is Anxiety When It Comes To Parcel Delivery

Not only is it an intrinsically anxious experience to have to wait for a package in transit – particularly if it is an important delivery whose timely arrival is a life or death matter – it is nerve-wracking insofar as you have, depending on the company you’ve chosen, little to no control over the delivery once you hand it off to a driver. This is especially true if a Global Positioning System is not factored into the equation, such that your package is potentially lost, far away, in some indiscriminate location. This is, of course, an unnecessarily dire situation. Clients ought to be able to stay in touch with us every step of the way, if they so choose, and that is why we believe in the power of technology.

 Technological Documentation Means Prevention

You can easily place an order online and have the information logged from the start, all the way to the point at which your parcel reaches its destination; with this, you are able to hold us accountable using specific documentation. The employment of precise Global Positioning technology also allows us to understand the ins and outs of particular driving routes and possible problems that can be encountered and, in the future, avoided. No doubt, we like to learn from our foibles to optimize your next experience with our services. If a particular route is no longer feasible, we will eliminate it as a possibility for our couriers; there is no point risking a repeated delay when we have the technology to avoid exactly that.

And, because Global Positioning Systems are dependent upon satellite technology, it means you can rest assured in knowing that there won’t be any hiccups when it comes to checking in on your shipment – the technology is, to be sure, very precise. We use an ETA board, specifically, which is personalized by you and your shipment – by creating a unique username and password, you can access its loggings from any location in order to track the history of your pick up and deliveries times; to be sure, unexpected (and also unlikely) changes of arrival times will be immediately available to you. Along with finalized invoices and billing, you’ll also be able to view a mobile signature capture of the individual who signs for the parcel, once the cargo arrives at its desired destination, to ensure that the delivery is placed in the right hands. Moreover, by simply logging in, clients can ensure that a delivery time will coincide with the open and available points of their, no doubt, busy schedule.

Sophisticated Yet Easy To Use

Because we want you to feel comfortable and able to maintain peace of mind, we encourage interactivity with those of us stationed at our offices, as well as our drivers. We also implicitly strive to cultivate a healthy company-client relationship through the software and aesthetics of our website interfaces. Documentation, accountability, and reliability, in our opinion, are also matters of user-friendliness and accessibility when it comes to making use of technology – thus, our interfaces are uncomplicated and to-the-point.

Here at R Courier have taken it upon ourselves to use only the most precise Global Positioning Systems to reassure you that your package is en route and, not only that, on the best route possible; so, if you’re still asking precisely why you should work with us  as opposed to some other courier service, then just remember: we’re not like other couriers – we have the technology, coupled with a diligence that remains unmatched. Contact us today for a free consultation.