Since 1991, the team at R Courier has been providing swift and reliable medical courier services to communities across Canada. Though we started small, our technological savvy and focus on the customer has allowed us to grow into the nationwide company we are today.

What helped us to differentiate ourselves and become a leader in parcel delivery? It’s simple: We listened to you and diversified our services accordingly. Medical professionals, as we all know, do not always work regular hours. Emergencies cannot wait and certain tests and experiments are time-sensitive in nature.

  • A physician may have to examine a patient’s blood tests before administering life-saving treatment
  • A major laboratory may be missing a few millilitres of a chemical to finally solve a terminal disease
  • A patient in a remote location might need hard-to-find medication to get them back on their feet

In each case, it is our unwavering purpose to get your goods to their destination safely and securely. This is why we’ve devised a suite of specialized delivery services to suit your ever-changing schedule.


Our regular option means one of our impeccably-trained drivers will place your package in your hands by 5:00 pm, so long as you place your order by 11:30 am. We designed this choice for less urgent deliveries you’ll receive the day of, but are in no rush to address until at least the following business day.


If you choose our rush option, you’ll experience our famous door-to-door service within four short hours. Just make sure you order by 1:00 pm at the latest. Sometimes a delivery is too important to an ongoing project to chance it with regular service. Guaranteeing that it will arrive early is a good way to get it out of mind and move on with your busy day.


Whether rain or snow, packages classified under our direct option will arrive in two hours or less. These are circumstances where legal documents must be signed and delivered by a judge’s deadline. You can also imagine a physician working in multiple hospitals throughout the week who must be reached with medical records or specialized equipment. Whatever the level of priority, feel free to call us to place your order and one of our telephone operators will be glad to guide you through the process.


Our drivers will deliver urgent orders without intermediary stops. Your business will have our complete focus from the first mile to the last because your pressing need is ours as well. We welcome how these orders put us to the test and push us to exceed expectations with every opportunity.

We also understand that certain packages, urgent or not, need to be monitored at all times due to their extreme danger, fragility, or overall importance to a person’s life. This makes us proud to offer medical delivery powered by GPS technology with any option you choose. Simply sign up for our ETA Board to get updates on pick-ups and deliveries and track your driver’s route in real-time.


If you order by 4:00 pm, overnight deliveries will reach their destination the following day. Given steady patient inflows, medical professionals have little time for anything except making people feel better.  That means they must stay in place, do what they do best, and rely on others to provide them with the supplies they need.

That’s when R Courier takes care of business. If a young person needs an organ for transplant, we want to be the ones who step up and deliver it in record time. If a small-town healthcare agency has exhausted its stock of flu vaccines, we will not rest until they’re topped up and ready to go.

When it comes down to it, you, the customer, are the guiding light for everything we do. Every decision that nudges our business forward has you and your needs firmly in mind. It’s been the key to our evolution for a generation and we hope you’ll join us for what the next one has in store.