The holidays are an extremely stressful time for people working in medicine; festivities involving the haphazard consumption of alcohol can easily – and usually does – lead to a significant increase in car accidents, many other unfortunate incidents. New Year’s Eve, for example, tends to see a shocking amount of injuries and unnecessary fatalities, making the labour of firefighters, EMS workers, as well as doctors and nurses, quite strenuous and pressing. Medical professionals are no doubt on edge while the majority of civilians are out celebrating.

Effective couriering means that customers don’t need to feel stressed about the whereabouts of their packages; in other words, that everything arrives safely and in a timely manner. In order for this to happen, metrics need to be monitored in order to maintain service levels, particularly during the colder months, when bad weather and holidays threaten the easygoing nature of our lives, collectively.

For a team of medical couriers, good metrics pertain to the guarantee that every specimen arrives at the laboratory or healthcare centre where it is required – this is the highest priority of R Courier, though we are very much capable of handling your everyday packages, too, be they gifts or simple paperwork. In any case, creating medical courier services you can rely on involves of many logistics that are otherwise impossible without the use of intricate technologies.

That’s why we employ a high-end Global Positioning System, so we can track your delivery anytime and anywhere; the use of this device is a part of sophisticated quality control plan, which ensures that your organization is able to maintain a consistently high level of performance while replenishing its stock of materials and medical tools.

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R Courier couples these sophisticated technologies with detailed reports, which keep track of operational performances, driver performances, service trends, and customer reviews. This helps us to maximize our ability to move fragile medical items continuously and without hesitation – whether you need to move blood products, biological specimens, surgical instruments, pharmaceuticals, or other supplies, we’ve got your back.

By simply logging in to our patented ETA board, you have unlimited access to so many minute details about your order and the location its own. Not only can you check the delivery status, but you can also see precisely how it is being handled. As a couriering company, we take many pains to ensure that you are in the know.

Not only are we more than poised to make these deliveries, but we also gather intel on routes and industry trends to anticipate the needs of specific deliveries. R Courier, in short, offers an integrated delivery solution to help medical centres streamline requests and consolidate their resources. In doing so, we offer as much transparency and accountability as possible, so we can further improve our operations and yours, by way of continuous employee evaluations and detailed performance metrics.

You can contact us anytime for a free consultation – in a matter of clicks, you can guarantee that you and your staff will avoid a holiday rush