With the rapid and consistent development of communication technologies of all kinds – from various social media platforms, all the way to standardized GPS systems – our expectations of transparency and immediacy have significantly increased in all walks of life. Everything from food deliveries, all the way to medical deliveries, are changing incredibly fast. The business models that constitute and make possible package deliveries are certainly no exception to this trend.

Explaining these trends is no simple task, as the world of parcel delivery and medical courier services is complex and constantly shifting; as an industry, it is unique because it intersects with a number of other fields, such as automotive designs, GPS technology, and the curiosities of the Web 2.0. R Courier is hyperaware of these nuances, and we’ve done our best to take advantage of tech to make things more convenient for you and your urgent deliveries.

Quickly logging in to our easy-to-use module will allow you to see updates regarding your package, which are refreshed every two minutes, giving you the most precise information possible. In addition to having access to the location of your items, our state of the art tracking technology offers in-depth details about the condition of your item. You can see where it is and how it’s being handled, be it in an air-tight cooling system or a box. Because this technology is exclusive to R Courier, it allows us to outshine competitors in a number of surprising ways. For example, as privileged owners of this unique GPS interface, our services are as user-friendly to our drivers as they are useful to our customers.

Gone are the days of disruptive technologies or lengthy phone calls that are taken just to get a simple update on the whereabouts of one’s package. Our drivers are extensively tracked and, in essence, taken care of by our ETA Board. But so too are our clients. The board and its real-time updates can be accessed from just about any device (be it a smart phone or tablet, and the like), offering details about the estimated time of arrival, and the routes being taken.

Whether it is an urgent medical delivery or a collection of carefully filed paperwork traveling between law firms, every detail is made transparent to the user. So long as they log in to our website, clients need not fret about the possibility of a lost or delayed delivery. No longer are delivery estimates vague and cumbersome. With the help of this technology, twelve-hour delivery windows will be entirely extinct soon enough, and rightfully so. With this kind of intensive capacity for cataloguing, technology has proven to be a major catalyst in the growth of couriering as an industry. This is also to say, it is an era in which the customer’s convenience is put before profits and the well-being of the company.

In short, technology allows for more convenient deliveries, in ways that are entirely unprecedented. With this kind of efficiency at our disposal, there are many possibilities as to the directions that couriering can go; perhaps drones will one day, in the not-too-distant future, be the next standard of package delivery. It’s exciting to see how these designs become integrated in other spheres, too – GPS and drone delivery, for example, have also shaped the way policing is carried out. The hardware of effective couriering is a part of something much bigger than package deliveries and the drivers at R Courier are proud of this cultural significance.

No matter what lays ahead, with all these perks of the industry in mind, you can contact us to schedule a delivery today and see for yourself precisely what it means to have an efficient courier company working for you.