As many experts feared, Ontario has been hit by a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ontario has gone from less than a hundred lab-confirmed cases a day to at least 500 a day. With tens of thousands of backlogged tests in the province, the number of daily new infections could be higher than one thousand in a few short weeks.

As Ontario Premier Doug Ford calls it, the new data is a “wake-up call” for the province. In the worst-case scenario, the province’s health care industry could be overwhelmed.

A Silver Lining

While the confirmed cases are indeed rising, there’s a silver lining in the dark COVID-19 clouds. For one, some of the confirmed cases could be the result of increased testing. For the other, fatality rates are yet to climb. Regardless, Ontario needs to adopt all appropriate safety measures to control the disease’s spread. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. Here are a few ways R Courier is ready for the second wave:

1. Exceptional Service

Our medical courier services in Toronto play a significant role in fighting the pandemic. We transport personal protective equipment (PPE), test samples, and other medical parcels to physicians, clinics, hospitals, and other health care facilities. The fast and safe delivery of these items helps improve the safety and effectiveness of health care facilities.

We realize that just a few hours can make a difference in a patient’s life. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to meet your needs. We even offer rush and overnight deliveries to ensure that your urgent medical package gets to you in time.

2. Experience

At R Courier – we began operation in 1998 and have been serving our clients for over 29 years. We draw on our experience to provide the best possible service in the face of the pandemic. For example, we delivered essential medical packages as the first case of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) hit Toronto in 2003. The disease infected 251 people in Canada and killed 43 – a much higher fatality rate than that of COVID-19.

SARS caught everyone off guard in the country. A lot of lessons were learned by the medical community on how to cope during a pandemic. The practical knowledge that R Courier gained has us ready for the second wave of COVID-19.

3. Safety

We understand what’s coming and we’re prepared. Not only do our couriers have the best safety gear, but they’re trained and licensed to stay as secure as possible. Our safety protocols are beneficial for you, your packages, our couriers, and their families.

4. Technology

Our medical courier service is proud of its technologically advanced platform, which promotes safety. You can easily register and place orders using the Place Order option on our website. To follow orders, visit the ETA page. Our ETA board is a robust platform that can help you track your pickups, check your order history, and delivery times. Any variations in arrival times almost immediately update on your screen. You can use the ETA board to access your driver’s name and phone number in case of emergencies.

The tracking on our ETA board is powered by a state-of-the-art GPS, allowing you to track your drivers in real-time directly. The GPS system can also provide you with an exact report of delivery and address upon your request. Take advantage of real-time GPS reporting to see a replay of the driver route, monitor your driver’s performance, and see reports on activity, position, and any violations.

We share unprecedented access to our data to keep ourselves accountable and maintain a high service standard during this pandemic. After pick up or drop off, you can check the ETA board to confirm that your courier has picked up or dropped off the correct volume. In the unlikely event of a discrepancy, get in touch with us to resolve any concerns.

Our couriers also use mobile signature capture technology to maximize security and to reduce paper waste. Feel free to call us for any questions about the steps we take to improve our service during the pandemic.