Celebrations are significantly more festive when giving is involved. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is a rather direct way of showing one’s appreciation for them; it’s an opportunity that ought not be passed on. Consequently, nobody likes showing up to a holiday gathering empty-handed. This is precisely why it is devastating to find out a delivery will be unable to comply with your timeline. If you get word that an item from Amazon or a similar online retailer, for example, will fail to make it to your door in time for the holidays, or it seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, it is time to seriously consider the benefits of an expedited courier service. In fact, this might be your only option, particularly when you’re desperate to have presents ready for loved ones to unwrap in under twenty-four hours. The question is, then, why do these delays happen and how ought one respond to these setbacks?

Why There Are Holiday Delays

There are a variety of factors that could potentially cause a delay, but the majority of issues are the result of international or intercontinental goods and the fact that they must travel by air. Many companies make use air freights in order to get products shipped across vast distances, but about half of these freights are not cargo planes, but mere sections on passenger airlines – namely, the cargo area where luggage is stored. During the holidays, these would-be air freights become overcrowded due to the high volume of passengers going on vacation with an abnormally large amount of luggage. As a result, there are various setbacks with deliveries because the passengers, rather than the packages, are prioritize (as they should be) when luggage capacities are approaching their threshold. Private couriers, on the contrary, tend to avoid the use of commercial airlines, lest these mistakes repeat themselves and inhibit these companies from carrying out their primary function.

R Courier’s Dedication Is Unprecedented

Luckily, R Courier is here for you during these stressful (but soon-to-be joyous) times, offering the support of highly-skilled couriers whose impeccable sense of urgency is derived from making constant medical deliveries, working to help make certain that doctors and patients receive the items they need most. Although gift-giving and life-giving in these contexts are rather different, the diligence of R Courier drivers nonetheless carries over; no matter your parcel, we can cater to your timeline, no matter how tight it may be. While many other courier companies have blackout dates set in stone for the holiday season, usually a week prior to the desired delivery date. Fortunately, R Courier can make alternative arrangements for you, if need be.

 Our Tracking Technology Allows You To Plan Accordingly

If you’re one to feel anxious about the wait involved in expedited shipping, you can easily track your order with our high-end GPS system. Given our background in medical couriering, R Courier understands that certain packages may contain time-sensitive items so, if you need to check the status of your package, it is as simple as logging on to our ETA Board and making use of our real-time GPS system.

The holidays just aren’t complete until your order is, too. That’s why it’s important to act fast in the face of adversity and use a courier company you can trust to deliver the goods, no matter what. If you’ve any questions, check out these FAQS or simply contact R Courier today!