R Courier understands that waiting on a package is potentially an anxiety-inducing endeavour and an emotional drain, particularly if the package contains items required for a medical procedure – be they hazardous chemicals or live organs awaiting a transplant. That’s why our couriers are constantly monitored – to improve upon our own levels of efficiency, as well as offer you the peace of mind that your package is in good hands, on the correct or best route to its destination that you can see in real-time using our Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, which uses satellite signals to calculate the exact speed, time, and position of a particular target.

Not only are you guaranteed to be handing off your package to a certified individual (who is well-prepped for emergency situations of all kinds); indeed, our drivers are licensed by Transport Canada to handle delicate medical materials. To follow along with the progress of your package is, then, a simple and accessible matter.

Simply go to the login by selecting the “ETA Board Login” on the R Courier homepage, and from there, all you need to do is the following:

  • Enter your account number
  • Enter your Web ID
  • Enter your password

If you have not yet registered for a Web ID, you have the option of completing company registration by completing a form that is available on the very same page. For this, all that is required is basic information such as your name and/or your company’s name, the applicable address and postal code, your phone number, and finally, your payment method.

Once you’ve successfully logged in, there are several informative items available to you including the precise expected time of delivery, the GPS-derived estimated time of delivery (which is updated in real time), and the status of your delivery (i.e., whether it is In Progress, Pending, or Completed); if you have multiple deliveries in progress, they will be displayed here. This specificity is, indeed, just one of the many benefits of working with us – not only will you know, at any given moment, where your package may be and when it is likely to arrive, you have route changes at your disposal, which means you’re indirectly on journeying alongside the R Courier delivery technician.

If you’ve ever awaited an important package, you know just how valuable this real-time vicariousness is, when it comes to easing the nerves that come coupled with anticipation. Moreover, from this page, you have access to the Route Number Board, which offers the delivery address and all of the stops (be they scheduled or called-in) that are taken along the way to this address. Here, you’re able to see the duration of the trip as it is monitored down to the very minute.

Finally, on the Reports page, you can choose to see the specifics of your order history and review summaries of those deliveries (including routes and times).

Give us a call today if you’re hoping to deliver your valued items with extreme precision and care; indeed, the relief of knowing that an urgent parcel has arrived at its destination is a rare pleasure that ought to be taken advantage of at every given opportunity. So, if you’re in need of a stress-free courier experience, R Courier is poised to serve you.