It’s an unfortunate fact of life that hospital wait times – as endless as they may already seem to be – are steadily increasing, no matter how qualified doctors and nurses may be. In Canada, where healthcare is provided effectively, and for the most part is free of charge, the stress of the hospital environment can cause unexpected delays on the part of patients and certified professionals, even in emergency situations. This is why even the most minute changes to increase productivity – as well as the satisfaction felt amongst patients and staff alike – must be implemented as soon as possible.

And, with this need for an organizational overhaul in mind, hospitals ought to take note of and inventory the means by which deliverables are brought to their respective locations. Indeed, it is sometimes the case that a lack of medical supplies can slow things down significantly for staff members of all ranks. If this is the case, it’s certainly time to reevaluate how and why this is occurring.

Suffice it to say, the modes of transportation these items see could be causing delays. This is especially true if medical practices rely solely on postal services to get vital supplies delivered; if that is the case, it’s time to abandon the old way of doing things and opt for a reliable courier service, instead – in this sense, R Courier delivery services are perhaps one’s best bet for ensuring that each and every patient is properly attended to with the necessary medical materials, be they live organs or life-saving pharmaceuticals.

While the actual infrastructure of information and communication technologies can vary from hospital to hospital, it’s always important that an institution can depend upon its courier services to replenish supplies and help to stay on top of other matters revolving around upkeep. Indeed, many hospitals are fraught with complications when it comes to technology, but luckily, R Courier’s savvy tools can guarantee that entire institutions are in possession of precisely what they need in order to be successful.

What differentiates R Courier from other expedited shipping services are the methods by which we make the delivery process stress-free for each and every client, no matter the shipment. For example, our ETA Board is absolutely revolutionary and unique to R Courier technicians such that no other courier company in Canada is in possession of a system as exact as that of our own.

By simply logging in, one can see that every two minutes, our system is updated to be replete with the precise information regarding the whereabouts and status of the cargo in question; this is available to each and every R Courier customer – from high-ranking doctors to your aunt awaiting a birthday gift – and, with these incessant updates, one can gleam the real-time position of the driver, an ETA Time, and Revised ETA Time – not only that, our ETA Board Login is accessible from phones, tablets, and standard web browsers at all times.

No doubt, this kind of technology could and perhaps will change the way hospital deliveries and medical couriering are undertaken nationwide and across the world. You can contact us today for information about the technologies that are exclusive to R Courier, or to satisfy any other inquiries you may have. In any case, efficiency is waiting for you and, no doubt, so are your patients; a new way of handling medical deliveries is, fortunately, only a few clicks away.