GPS is one of the top tools for professional couriers today. Not only does such technology ensure that couriers get packages to their proper destinations on time and without fail, but they also allow customers to connect with their deliveries.

When you have a priority delivery on the way, you’ll want to know you can use GPS to track its progress. Luckily, with our computerized tracking system and online connectivity, you’ll be able to stay informed about the status of your shipment at any time you require.

Ensuring Delivery on Time

Perhaps the most significant benefit you gain when you work with a courier that offers a service tracking by GPS is prompt delivery service for every shipment. This is possible because our team can keep track of every delivery vehicle in our fleet at all times. While it is still possible for problems to arise, we will always be made aware of the issue as soon as it occurs so that the delivery can be completed on time.

How Do We Respond to Problems en Route?

In cases where a problem occurs with one of our vehicles, our maintenance team is standing by to resolve the problem. In a worst-case scenario, we will send out another vehicle so that no shipment is delayed.

How Do We Track Vehicles?

Each of the vehicles in our fleet of delivery trucks is equipped with a GPS, or Global Positioning System, that can accurately pinpoint the coordinates of that truck. This information is connected to our online computer so that every company that has registered an account with R Courier online can see where their shipment happens to be in real-time.

Knowing the Accurate Arrival of a Package

This advanced tracking technology allows our customers to know the positioning of our vehicles so that they can gain more accurate updates regarding when their delivery will arrive. This high level of accuracy is vital to specific customers, as in the case of medical deliveries where the timely arrival of a particular medical device or prescription is needed at a set time.

The Need for High Accuracy Tracking

It is also helpful to any health care professional who cannot waste time waiting around for a package, even when receiving it is vital. For example, if you’re a doctor with a demanding schedule and you are tracking your delivery, you’ll be able to step out to receive your package at the exact time you planned for it within your busy work day.

Whether or not you require a medical delivery, everyone stands to benefit from accurate tracking and precise delivery times. Our GPS systems work similarly to the one you might already use in your own vehicle, except that they are also connected to our network.

Before making your next shipment with our team at R Courier, please register an account on our website to get all the updates you need through our ETA Board. Feel free to contact us anytime if you’d like more information about the GPS system we use or how to track your shipment.