R Courier is committed to providing fast, reliable, and safe medical courier services to local, national, and international clients, and has been doing so for over 28 years now. We’ve built a reputation for ourselves for providing reliable and time-bound services, and also for being experts in our field.

In order to maintain our glowing reputation, we need to make sure that our couriers are fully trained in every aspect of their job. This includes providing exceptional customer service, having adept driving skills, as well as the ability and knowledge to handle medical-related items that are sensitive and require special handling. Our specialized delivery services can also include the transportation of dangerous items like radioactive material.

Radioactive Material in the Medical Field

So, when does radioactive material get used in the medial field? Well, there are a number of ways, including the use of x-ray machines and other medical machinery which often need to be transported.

Less obvious ways include:


Physicians will have patients injected with, inhale, or swallow, a small amount of radiation that will be attracted to various parts of the human body and begin to emit photons that can be picked up by a gamma camera (for instance, radioactive iodine is used for imaging the thyroid gland). The camera and photons help physicians see the organ’s composition and how well it’s functioning, and will let them know of any tumours or other issues.


There are three types of treatment therapy that involve radiation, including teletherapy (sends an intense beam of radiation to cancerous tissue), brachytherapy (uses small ‘seeds’ of radiation that are implanted into patients to treat nearby cancer cells) and therapeutic nuclear medicine (high doses of radiation are injected or ingested into a patient to destroy cancer cells).

We Can Transport samples with having TDG Licence

Whether they are samples, equipment, or treatments like radioactive iodine, R Courier is fully certified to transport dangerous goods, including radioactive material. All of our drivers have been provided with Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Training before they begin working with us, and have received certification that they completed training.

Adequate training means that our drivers have been provided with and have sound knowledge of the following:

  • The different classifications of dangerous goods
  • Shipping names and documentation requirements
  • Dangerous goods safety marks, requirements, and standards
  • Requirements of the Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP) and implementation of emergency measures
  • Reporting requirements
  • Safe handling and transportation practices
  • Proper equipment use

Training certificates expire after 36 months after its date of issuance, meaning that drivers need to be recertified after 3 years. That being said, we are always making sure that our drivers have the knowledge that they need to do their jobs safely and adequately, and thus if there are any changes or updates to the regulations then they are trained on that as well. Click here to learn more about what you can expect from our certified drivers.

Fast, Reliable Service

With R Courier you can count on professional courier services that are on time and done with every safety procedure in mind. Our drivers are knowledgeable in the medical field and can be trusted to handle all sorts of medical-related items, material, and equipment.

So if you are in the medical field and in need of quick service then be sure to schedule a medical courier delivery today and rest assured that it will be delivered safely and on time.