At R Courier, our services extend beyond getting your deliveries from door to door. When you work with our team, you’ll be able to access an innovative online tracking system that allows you to ride along with our drivers and keeps you informed every step of the way.

All you need to do to access these critical R Courier services is register to use our ETA Board, conveniently located on our company website.

Why Use a Dedicated Tracking System?

One of the most vital aspects of any delivery is the time that it takes to get your package from point A to point B. While different types of shipments warrant different transportation speeds, it is always helpful to know precisely when your shipment will arrive.

Critical Deliveries and Tracking Services

You may already trust our team with securely delivering your shipments, but for some deliveries, such as those required by medical courier services, the ability to know the real-time status of a shipment could be vital.

For health care professionals who work within the limitations of a demanding and restrictive schedule, it can also be vital to know that there are no problems along the way and that their delivery is set to arrive exactly when it should.

Our unique online ETA Board at R courier is designed to keep our customers informed at all times, no matter what kind of package they need to be transported or how important that delivery happens to be. Here is a short guide to help you easily navigate our online system:

The Benefits of Early Registration

To access up-to-date details regarding your deliveries, you’ll need to navigate to the online registration page on our website and fill out a short electronic form. This initial process may take some time to complete, so you should start the membership application as soon as you’ve shipped your items.

Finding Our ETA Board

Once you’ve obtained your account for our online system, finding the ETA Board is easy. That’s because whenever you visit the R Courier website, you’ll see the button for our tracking system in flashing red letters located in the menu bar – it is impossible to miss.

What You’ll Find

Once inside, our ETA board technology can provide you with a variety of services. These include:

  • Information and Routes and Individual Stops
  • Comparison Charts Between Months
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with Route Performance Metrics

Benefits of Using the ETA Board

When you know the exact time when a sensitive package will arrive, you won’t have to wait around all day to receive it. Instead, you or someone from your staff can receive the delivery at the time that you’re expecting it. You’ll also save time by avoiding the need to continually inquire with us about when your shipment will arrive.

It will also allow you to understand delivery schedules better so you can plan future shipments that will arrive when you need them.

Mobile Access

These days, everyone has a phone and can stay connected to businesses and services more efficiently than ever. Why not use yours to stay connected with updates from our drivers?

Along with our ETA Board, you can also access information about your delivery on the go with R Courier’s mobile app. Our mobile application, called rcoMobile, is loaded with Google and Bing mapping systems, is very easy to use and allows our drivers to do things like:

  • Accept their Order
  • Pick Up Orders
  • Take Pictures
  • Delivery Orders
  • Take Pictures

When you install our app on your phone and log in to your account, you’ll gain immediate access to all of this information in a few taps on your phone.

One of the best parts about the ETA Board at R Courier is that it is easy to use. As such, you’ll be able to navigate data regarding your shipments intuitively on your first attempt. If you’re looking for a way to take better control over your deliveries, try out our ETA Board next time you need a delivery.