While many shipments can qualify for a same day delivery service, a few are more commonly requested than others. When you gain a better sense of the kind of shipments we regularly perform at R Courier, you gain a better sense of how you can take the best advantage of our services. This will also ensure that you never have to deal with a late shipment or the wrong kind of delivery service in the future.

Why Do You Need Different Delivery Speeds?

You don’t want to pay extra costs for the fastest delivery service available when you’re shipping an item that doesn’t require a high priority in shipping speed. Likewise, you don’t want to miss out on a faster courier service just because you aren’t aware of the types of service offered at R Courier.

How to Ensure the Fastest Delivery

The first step in ensuring that you get the fastest delivery time available is to contact R Courier to guarantee that our team can provide the correct delivery service for your item when needed. When you work with our dedicated couriers, you’ll also be assured of the highest level of safety precautions to secure your privacy.

Tracking Your Order

You can use our website for the purpose of tracking your order every step of the way. All you need to do is register an account to gain access to our GPS-enabled tracking system and follow your order at every step.

Anything You Need

One thing you can always be sure of when you work with our team is that no item is too insignificant to qualify for same-day delivery. Any shipment that is significant to you should benefit from fast and reliable service from the best professional couriers. If you aren’t sure whether you should order same-day service for your item, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Medical Prescriptions, Samples and Specimens

There’s a reason why the best courier services are practically synonymous with medical courier services, and that’s because medical shipments comprise some of the most critical deliveries that the most committed courier service can perform.

The category of medical delivery includes so many different kinds of items that it would be futile to try to cover everything all in one place. That said, you can rest assured that if it can be delivered, our team is up for the task of same-day delivery. Just be sure to check ahead of your required delivery time to inquire about the availability of same-day delivery for the items you need to send.

Sensitive Documents

Whether you’re sending medical, legal or any other type of sensitive documents, there’s a good chance you’ll require fast services. Any time you’re shipping an item that requires a high level of safety and speed, you should consider the best couriers you can get. If you need to send a document for same-day delivery, contact us to get started on your order.

Depending on the distance your shipment must travel and the locations it will traverse, same-day delivery service may be possible. That said, if same-day delivery is possible, you can trust our team at R Courier to provide you with the most reliable services available. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the same-day services we offer and whether your delivery will qualify for same-day service.