In the world of package delivery, reliability is everything. All you need to do is reflect upon the recent holiday season to understand how important it is for people to get their shipments on time. Finding a courier service that you can rely on is more important than ever in today’s world of delayed shipments and global supply chain issues.

At R Courier, reliability is just one of the many commitments that we make to our customers. It is this assurance, followed by a pattern of continued success, that convinces medical organizations like Public Health Toronto to partner with our team for their most essential deliveries. With this history in mind, here are five commitments that we make to all of our clients:

Customer Service

While there’s nothing more important than getting a medical delivery safely and on time to a patient who needs it, there’s no reason why anyone should have difficulty organizing it. Our team at R Courier understands the value of positive interactions with every person we encounter.

After all, given that we specialize in medical delivery services, many of our clients perform some of the most high-pressure jobs there are.


In the courier industry, attention to safety includes both the goods delivered and the people interacting with them. Our commitment to safety includes the ability to provide couriers that are trained to handle dangerous goods to guarantee a safe delivery of such items.


It is no secret that those who work with professional couriers expect a reliable service. Even the most positive experience you can have in arranging for delivery of vital goods won’t seem very important if that shipment does not arrive on time and in proper condition.

At R Courier, you don’t need to rely on our reputation or commitment alone to know that your shipment will arrive safely. That’s because you can use our online tracking service to monitor the status of your delivery vehicle while it is in transit. Our fleet is equipped with GPS tracking to ensure that items get delivered on schedule.

Speed and Services

Sometimes, the reason that you might choose a professional and dependable delivery service is that you require an item to reach its destination as quickly as possible. However, getting the fastest delivery isn’t always the top priority for every package.

Different shipments necessitate different levels of haste. When you have a variety of different delivery requirements, you want a company that can offer you various service options. Luckily, our services offer customers a range of options, including

  • Rush
  • Regular
  • Direct
  • Urgent
  • Overnight

so that you can select the exact speed and pricing options you require. No matter what option you choose, you’ll be guaranteed safe and reliable delivery while enjoying excellent customer service interactions.

The items that you choose to courier with a professional team are essential. That’s why you should work with a company that takes its commitments to you seriously. Please get in contact with us today for help in determining the best service options for your next shipment.