You get the best service available when you work with a medical courier. Luckily, when you have exceptional service, you also get several benefits that come with working with experts. Perhaps the most critical benefit you’ll get when you work with a top-of-the-line medical courier is the ability to avoid lost shipments by tracking your order. Here’s a closer look at how it works and how you can stay ahead with R Courier.

The Benefits of Working with Canada’s Top Delivery Professionals

Along with reliable delivery service, the fastest speeds and professional security standards, working with our team at R Courier will provide you with cutting-edge technology for tracking packages. When you register an account in our online GTA Board tracking system, you’ll never miss a delivery again because you’ll be able to monitor the status of your shipment in real time every step of the way.

How Can Package Tracking Help You?

Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, specialists, and many other types of healthcare professionals require accurate tracking of their deliveries because time is always a factor when you’re talking about providing the best in healthcare and saving lives. In many situations, a healthcare worker, such as a doctor or nurse, cannot spend their time waiting all day for a package to arrive. Our computerized tracking system allows those in the most demanding positions to know the exact time a package will arrive so they can plan accordingly to prevent wasting a single minute.

How Tracking Helps You Avoid Lost Shipments

When you gain access to real-time tracking information through the ETA Board at R Courier, you’ll gain visibility into the location of your shipment as it travels through the shipping network. You’ll be able to monitor the precise status of your package and track your order details with our team so you know where it is located at any moment during the day.

GPS Equipped Vehicles

Because our vehicles are equipped with highly accurate GPS tracking systems, you’ll be able to know precisely where the vehicle holding your package is located at any time during shipping. Additionally, this information allows our team to respond immediately with a backup vehicle should any potential problem arise during shipment.

Improving Our Systems

Today, R Courier uses top-of-the-line technology to ensure you get the best services possible. That said, the technology that allows couriers to monitor and track shipments accurately is developing daily. As our team remains vigilant in the search for new methods to improve our services, the tracking information that we gather today also provides valuable insight into potential problems and solutions for the future.

The tracking information allows our team to work proactively to prevent shipping delays. Because of many years of experience in transporting the most vital shipments in the industry, we have implemented many strategies to ensure your orders never go missing. Sometimes the most straightforward technology is also an essential tool – as in the case of the mobile phones equipped by all of our drivers.

If you want to ensure that no shipment you need to make gets lost, the best decision you can make is to place your order with R Courier. Contact our team to learn more.