One of the first rules about medical deliveries is that being late is not an option when it comes to specimens. Specimen delivery is often among the highest priority of any deliveries that our team of couriers will transport because of the critical nature of these items. Given this importance, it stands to reason that you might want to learn more about how we guarantee the timeline of our specimen deliveries before you place an order.

Haste and Care

It is worth noting that, while time may place a more critical factor in the delivery of a specimen than in the case of any other delivery, the issues of safety and care are equally relevant. Any medical parcel delivery or regular delivery will be handled with extreme care and caution by our team of highly skilled couriers, so you never need to worry about the quality of service you’ll get.

Different Delivery Services

The only difference you’ll get when you choose between our service options will be the speed of the delivery. If you’re not shipping a medical specimen, or you’re shipping a medical order wherein a fast delivery is not essential, you may want to choose our regular, rush or overnight service.

On the other hand, when you’re shipping a medical specimen and need your delivery to arrive as quickly as possible, you will likely require our direct or urgent service.

Bicycle Delivery

Not all medical deliveries are the same. If you need a company that is experienced in delivering different medical specimen shipments successfully, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has even delivered vital COVID-19 samples for Public Health Toronto.

In the case of the most critical medical deliveries that require as fast a delivery as possible, as in the case of a transplant or another type of operation, we can also employ a bicycle delivery service, which can traverse the city of Toronto quicker than any other option. As with all high-priority delivery services, it is recommended that you contact us in advance to guarantee the availability of specific delivery services.

Regarding Tracking

In the case of the most critical deliveries, accurate tracking isn’t a convenience; it is a necessity. If you’re a health care professional who is tracking a medical delivery, you may need to know exactly when your package will arrive, down to the minute. Fortunately, we offer extremely accurate tracking services through our online ETA Board tracking system.

All you need to do is to register through our website to gain access to the GPS tracking system installed in the exact delivery truck that will transport your package. This way, you never have to worry about whether or not your shipment will arrive on time. We also employ cell phones and maintenance vehicles as a backup system, so you can be guaranteed your medical specimen will not be late.

If you need a timed delivery for medical specimens, you need a medical courier that can deliver. Contact us to get a consultation about the best delivery service for your needs.