Perhaps the most common type of medical delivery that our couriers frequently carry is medical specimens. As with deliveries carried out for any other industries, these can come in a wide variety of importance, necessitating various speed and safety levels.

Various Services for Various Needs

No matter what kind of delivery service you require, our team at R Courier is ready to get the job done. Our drivers are among the most experienced that you can find in any medical delivery service in Canada. We also carry a reputation for success, including the vital task of transporting medical samples for COVID-19 research for Public Health Toronto during the early stages of the pandemic.

Solid or Liquid

While there are a few different types of medical specimens transported by medical couriers, most fall under the two main categories of liquid or solid specimens. Along with the categories referring to the state of the medical specimen, there are also timed specimens that require delivery within a specific timeframe. This latter category is of particular importance for medical delivery couriers.

Solid Medical Specimen

Some of the most common solid medical samples include biopsy material. This involves harvesting a piece of material during a biopsy or surgery to be taken to a lab for further analysis.

Another type of solid medical specimen that a courier might transport is a live organ intended for a transplant. This kind of medical delivery is among the most challenging since it requires the fastest delivery times possible to ensure a high rate of success.

Liquid Medical Specimen

The most common liquid samples transported by medical delivery services in the GTA are bodily fluids such as blood, plasma or urine. These are also taken to a lab for testing. The significant difference between these types of medical samples and liquid samples is that these liquid samples are less invasive for the patient.

Considering Vehicles and Temperature

Many liquids that are transported on a daily basis, such as food and drink items, require specialized refrigeration vehicles that are capable of keeping a large tank at cold temperatures. However, in the case of most medical samples, simple thermal packaging and cold gel packs are often suitable for safe transportation.

The reason for this is that anyone delivering blood samples, for example, will only transport minimal amounts compared to the enormous quantities of fuel or dairy transported in tanker trucks. They will also be individually packaged and meticulously organized to ensure safe shipping. As such, sizable refrigerated tank trucks are not appropriate for this use.

Timed Specimen

The choice of samples that a health care professional might require will depend entirely on the patient’s medical needs. The most vital aspects of specimen delivery for a medical courier are delivery time and the safe conditions for transporting the items. This factor is critical in the case of a timed specimen, as in the case of organ transplants and some kinds of blood specimens, which must be delivered within a shorter timeframe.

If you’re a medical professional that requires specimen delivery, you can trust our experienced medical couriers with the best service available.