You may not realize it but the courier profession is actually one of the oldest in the world, with evidence of foot couriers dating as far back as 490 BCE. It’s been said that during this time the Ancient Greek courier Pheidippides ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to bring the news of the Greek’s victory over the Persians (thus where the term for a long distance race came from – ‘marathon’).

Primarily, couriers were used in the past during war-times to transport important messages; while some ran on foot, others used horses and Greeks even used chariot-mounted couriers called anabasii. Without the use of technology, it would have otherwise been impossible for people to communicate important information or even run war operations effectively.

From Messages to Parcels

Courier services have evolved over time to not just include message (or letter) delivery, but parcel delivery as well. R Courier is a modern-day courier company that offers parcel delivery services in Toronto for medical facilities as well as personal deliveries. We are always amazed to see how far we’ve come and how much the courier industry has advanced in the technology that’s being used.

From foot messengers to horseback riders, to bicycles, and now onto the modern age of a full range of vehicles, the courier industry is just as necessary now as it was thousands of years ago – maybe even more so. In modern-day cities traffic can be impossible to get through, making it difficult to transport important or time-sensitive materials from one place to another. This is one of the ways that couriers fill a much-needed market – by lessening traffic on the road and managing delivery services in the industry, making sure that you don’t have to drive through heavy traffic.

R Courier provides fast trackable medical delivery for our customers so that they can rest assured that their packages are delivered on-time and without incident. When it comes to transporting medical-related parcels and documentation, time is often of the essence as these materials are time-sensitive and often needed for important medical-related issues.

GPS Monitoring and Tracking Technology

A technology that has been a great benefit to the courier industry is GPS tracking, letting us offer the ability for our customers to be able to get minute-by-minute information on the status of their order. With our new ETA Monitor Board, clients can log in and check their client information and order details, as well as track the status of their parcels. With digital signature capture, clients can also confirm who signed for their parcel once it has been delivered.

All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, not only allowing customers to track their order status but also allowing us as a business to run safely and efficiently. Using GPS navigation systems our drivers can plan safe and time-effective routes that will get the parcel they are responsible for where it needs to be on-time and within regulated safety standards.

Fast, Reliable Service

Contact us anytime if you are looking for a medical courier in Toronto who can provide fast, reliable and transparent services. Every member of staff, from our telephone operators to our drivers, are all 100% committed to providing exceptional services and ensure that you are treated courteously and with respect. So if you’re looking for the best courier experience in Toronto then don’t hesitate to give us a call – you won’t be disappointed.