For any business, staying current with the latest technology is important in order to remain relevant and competitive compared to other businesses in the industry. Keeping up with the latest technological trends can be difficult, but R Courier is committed to using the latest technology out there in order to provide the best medical courier services available.

The medical courier technology we use is not only meant to make our customer’s lives easier but also to ensure that we are providing reliable and secure services in an industry where these elements are essential. Couriering medical supplies and documentation involves the transportation of highly sensitive material that needs to be 1) transported safely using the standards set by governing bodies 2) handled with the privacy of our customers and the items being transported in mind and 3) delivered in a timely manner because often lives depend on it.

Securing Customer Data

We offer medical courier services throughout Canada and worldwide, meaning that we work with a large number of clients and need to store their information securely and within governing guidelines. Our customer’s privacy is important to us, which is why their information is stored on a secure database and accessible to them via their account on our website.

Using our ETA Monitor Board, customers can access their personal information and account details, as well as track and look up details about current and past orders. This technology not only secures their information but also allows clients to easily access important information about medical items that could be critical to the health and well-being of their intended users.

When it comes to medical courier services, we understand the importance of the items being delivered and why our clients might be anxious to keep track of them and on top of their status. That’s why it was important to us to add the ETA Monitor Board feature to our website – not only for added convenience but for reassurance as well.

GPS Tracking Technology

Our ETA Monitor Board uses GPS tracking technology in order to provide up-to-the-minute info on where our delivery vehicles are, as well as their estimated time of arrival. Other benefits of GPS tracking include providing our vehicles with precise navigation in order to ensure that they are using the best route available, as well as the ability to locate vehicles and provide servicing in case one breaks down.

By utilizing GPS tracking in order to use the fastest delivery routes, we are able to save money on transportation fees that can be passed on to our customers. Technology is a great way to streamline a business and help them save money so that they can transfer those savings to the cost of their services.

Technology Improves Customer Service

R Courier is proud to offer affordable rates and quality service that keeps our customers coming back. We’re recognized by our customers for providing reliable, affordable, and timely service, as well as for our openness to adopting new technology in order to continue improving.

So when it comes to staying current in the medical courier industry, R Courier is committed to using the latest and greatest technology out there in order to continuously improve as a company that provides essential services to a number of people. If you’re looking for a medical courier in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, be sure to contact us for courier services you can rely on – you won’t be disappointed.