It’s easy to take things for granted when you’ve become comfortable with the way certain things are nowadays. For instance, there was once a time when you had to look up routes on a physical map or print out directions off of the internet. There was no helpful voice speaking out of your phone to give you directions, and if you were lost you actually had to stop somewhere to ask for help.

But with the advancement of technology, we now have access to smartphones and the use of global positioning system (GPS) tracking. The combination of these two technologies means we are able to easily find our way with the simple touch of a button.

GPS Tracking is Useful for Courier Services

When it comes to medical courier services, GPS tracking and digital technology is great because it allows you to easily track your medical delivery and check on its status. GPS tracking is also useful for picking the most efficient transportation routes. With this kind of vehicle optimization, we can bring down costs and make our services more affordable.

R Courier parcel delivery uses real-time GPS reporting so that customers have transparent knowledge of what is happening to their package. With our ETA Monitor Board, they can get up-to-the-minute info on where along their route the courier vehicle is, as well as its estimated time of arrival.

How Does It Work?

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Curious about how GPS tracking works? Initially designed for U.S. military operations, GPS is a worldwide navigation system made up of over twenty satellites orbiting the Earth and their ground stations which are used to receive the data transmitted. A GPS tracker uses a method called trilateration to determine its physical location based on its distance from three different GPS satellites.

Today, GPS is widely used by civilians as well as organizations for its ability to keep track of things like vehicles for the purpose of getting directions as well as running a business. GPS is also now being used to produce more targeted ads for people who use mobile devices and browse the web. By allowing your phone or PC to transmit data about your position, your ads will be targeted specifically to your area.

When it comes to medical parcel tracking, GPS is used exclusively to help you easily track your medical delivery and get up-to-date details about your order. A GPS tracking unit is installed in our vehicles and allows us to keep track of their location all through a single data hub. This kind of information helps us to coordinate our drivers as well as provide information to our customers who are curious about the status of a delivery.

It’s All About Great Customer Service

Being able to provide fast local delivery services and transparent information about your order is just a part of the many services we offer to our valued customers. So if you’re looking for the best in medical courier services then look no further: with our advanced technology such as GPS tracking and our ETA Monitor Board, you won’t be disappointed.