The COVID-19 pandemic spreads rapidly across Canada. Over 600,000 Canadians have been infected with the virus, and over 15,000 people have died. Unfortunately, until the vaccine rollout is complete, the infection rates may continue to rise, especially in light of a more contagious strain in the country.

Aside from vaccine rollout, there needs to be more testing in the battle against COVID-19 for various reasons:

  • It helps determine who has the infection
  • It helps authorities zero in on communities suffering from a potential outbreak
  • It keeps authorities on top of COVID-19 numbers in communities
  • Testing helps quarantine people who may spread the virus and stop outbreaks
  • People who test positive for COVID-19 can self-isolate or get help
  • Testing helps authorities inform the public
  • Scientists use testing to develop vaccines

How Does the Test Work?

Typically, testing for COVID-19 is similar to methods used for other infections. A COVID-19 test basically compares DNA samples from a person suspected to have the virus with the DNA sample of the virus. If there are enough similarities, the test is concluded to be positive. It can take a few days for the test result to be determined.

How Are Test Samples Taken?

The most common way to collect enough DNA to make the assessment for an accurate test is through a swab. The samples are transferred by a medical delivery professional to a lab where tests are run.

What Is the COVID-19 Rapid Test?

COVID-19 rapid tests are much faster than regular tests. Ontario Premier Doug Ford calls them game-changers: “This new technology can provide test results in hours, even minutes, instead of days. We’re deploying them as quickly as possible to protect patients, long-term care residents, and the frontline heroes who care for them.”

We Deliver Test Samples

At R courier, we’ve been delivering test samples since the first report of a COVID-19 infection in Canada. In fact, we’re the only courier to do this essential task for Public Health Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area. Our clients rely on us because we transport medical parcels quickly and securely — we know that time is of the essence.

Besides Public Health Ontario, we serve other health care facilities like Sunnybrook Hospital and other hospitals across Scarborough.

ETA Board

Our ETA board is a highly sophisticated tool that can help you stay on top of your delivery. You can easily track the order you placed by clicking ETA Board Login on top of our website. Next, log into your account with your account number, Web ID, and password. Of course, you can easily create one by clicking Register.

Feel free to call our Account Manager at 416.633.8183 or fax us at 416.633.7764 for more support.

Our Couriers Are Licensed and Trained

Clients rely on our medical parcel delivery because of our highly trained couriers, who are always polite and use the best safety gear for their protection and yours. They also have Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) licenses, which allow them to transport all kinds of potentially dangerous goods, and not just COVID-19 test samples.

Secure Vehicles

We have a large fleet of vehicles of various sizes that can transport your packages. Whether your small package carries test samples or your large package carries essential equipment, we can deliver it.

Our vehicles are well maintained and monitored regularly for issues. In the improbable event that a vehicle breaks down, we have another fully equipped vehicle on standby. This emergency vehicle will respond to breakdown calls immediately and ensure that your essential test samples are delivered quickly.

At R Courier, we have the technology, training, licensing, aptitude, skill, and determination to deliver any medical parcel, including test samples, on time. Please get in touch with us toll-free: 1.800.823.5223 if you have any questions.