Premier Doug Ford recently announced that the province would be entering Phase 2. Across Ontario, businesses have started to reopen, and public spaces are starting to see more visitors. But it appears that the case numbers are not matching the ambitious plan to reopen the economy. The recent rise in Ontario numbers is proof that there needs to be more testing in the upcoming weeks.

Entering Phase 2

As of June 12th, the province of Ontario has started to reopen the economy after spending months in lockdown. Lifting the lockdown regulations means that outdoor dine-in services, shopping malls, hair salons and more are opening up to the public. It also means that people can have gatherings of 10 or fewer people and are encouraged to have a social circle that they don’t have to physically distance from.

Rising Cases

The problem is that right after the initial reopening began, COVID-19 cases rose in Ontario — the majority in Toronto, the Peel Region and Windsor-Essex. So far, this rise in numbers hasn’t stopped the reopening or ushered in another entrance into lockdown. But it is a sign that as people start reintegrating in public spaces, there is a higher likelihood of viral exposure and infection.

For instance, Canadian airlines are resuming regular flight schedules, which means there are more chances of spreading infection through air travel. After a flight on June 26th from Toronto to Halifax, Nova Scotia public health warned passengers that they were exposed to COVID-19 and should self-monitor for symptoms immediately.

Ontario and Quebec are the provinces that have seen the highest numbers of cases, as well as the highest numbers of deaths related to COVID-19. These statistics prove that far more is at stake when the lockdowns are lifted.

The best way to keep track of COVID-19 and see whether reopening measures are working is to continue testing anyone who shows signs/symptoms of the virus and anyone who believes that they’ve been exposed to the virus. With more testing, medical experts can track the areas that are showing the highest rate of infections and advise politicians to make decisions about closures in the future.

Delivering Test Samples

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With these crucial deliveries, professionals have been able to quickly determine test results and inform members of the public about their viral status. People with positive COVID-19 results have then quarantined to avoid spreading the infection and notified anyone that they’ve come in contact with to self-isolate or seek testing. And, while not as essential, people with negative results have gotten some relief that they were officially infection-free.

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The province may be excited to reopen and exit out of lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that cases are disappearing. As the public mingles, the cases will rise. The only thing that experts can do is test people as much as possible and get the results fast.